Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Why don't you pet it and get your face ripped off."

Well, my day started off badly. Like I said in a previous post, I am currently working at Western Illinois University's Summer Music Camp. Our days consist of dealing with kids who don't want to listen to us and eating terrible cafeteria food. Since this is the fourth week of work, myself, along with the other counselors, are tired and grouchy. This morning was no different. As we drove the campers up to their rehearsal locations, I saw something that brightened up my mood. A car turned in front of us and inside was a big red nose pit bull. Of course I screamed AWWWW a Pit Bull!!!!!!!! Then, from a camper in the back of the van, I hear, "Why don't you pet it and get your faced ripped off." My patience is slim and I almost lost it on him. Luckily I kept my mouth shut long enough for another counselor to tell him that I have a Pit Bull and that I love the breed. It was really frustrating for me to hear that and it was hard not to say anything to him. I guess that's what us wonderful pit bull owners have to deal with on a daily basis. At least we know we have the BEST dogs in the world.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pit Bull Blues

I found this wonderful video on You Tube just now! HAD to share it!


Welcome to the new blog Don't be a Pit Bully. My name is Yvonne and I wanted start this blog because 1) I am IN LOVE with Pit Bulls and 2) I think that Pit Bulls are bullied, hence the name of the blog. My boyfriend and I are the "mom and dad" of a beautiful blue Pit Bull named Addie. We got her last November and ever since then I fell in love with Pit Bulls. I never have had any problems with Pit Bulls or any so-called mean dogs. I firmly believe that dogs will act how their owners train them to act. In this blog I hope to share how great Pit Bulls can be and to share some other great things about Pit Bulls that I can find. This week I am finishing up working at a music camp so I may be MIA until next week. This is a work in progress so be patient with me as I get up and running!

My Pit Bull Addie posing for a photo!
She hates when people don't like her just because she is a Pit Bull.


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