Sunday, June 27, 2010


Welcome to the new blog Don't be a Pit Bully. My name is Yvonne and I wanted start this blog because 1) I am IN LOVE with Pit Bulls and 2) I think that Pit Bulls are bullied, hence the name of the blog. My boyfriend and I are the "mom and dad" of a beautiful blue Pit Bull named Addie. We got her last November and ever since then I fell in love with Pit Bulls. I never have had any problems with Pit Bulls or any so-called mean dogs. I firmly believe that dogs will act how their owners train them to act. In this blog I hope to share how great Pit Bulls can be and to share some other great things about Pit Bulls that I can find. This week I am finishing up working at a music camp so I may be MIA until next week. This is a work in progress so be patient with me as I get up and running!

My Pit Bull Addie posing for a photo!
She hates when people don't like her just because she is a Pit Bull.

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