Monday, July 5, 2010

I'd Like You to Meet...

This is the first installment of "I'd like you to meet..." Every week I HOPE to get a chance to feature some of your pit bulls. Let me know if you want your baby to be featured.

Now, without further ado, I'd like you to meet...


Addie is my 9 month old blue pit bull that I got in November. My boyfriend and I decided we wanted a dog but I never imagined we would get a pit bull. One day we got a call from someone saying they had free pit bulls. There were two left and they were going to be sent to the shelter if not picked up in the next hour. The decision was made pretty quickly. I will never ever forget the first time I saw her. The door opened and out ran the cutest puppy I have EVER seen. She ran straight to me and I picked her up and fell in love with her right then and there. We took her home and our life together began. There was several months of hard times with potty training, barking and hyper-ness but now that she's a little older she has calmed down a bit. She is friendly and wouldn't hurt a fly. Okay, that's a lie because she ate a fly this morning. :)

Her favorite activities are going for walks, chewing on things, sleeping, eating, and laying on me while watching her favorite TV shows; Pit Bulls and Parolees and Pit Boss which just happens to be what she is doing right now! She has taught me that Pit Bulls are not the bad animals that people make them out to be. They are sweet and loving and they just want to be loved in return.

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  1. She is so beautiful and lucky to be part of your family. It's scary to think what can happen to "free" dogs, especially if those happen to be pitbulls.



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