Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Insert Expletives Here

So pit bull lovers, I don't know how many of you came across this treasure of a story but I must blog about it. Today I did my usually Pit Bull search on google and this was the top story, Pit Bull Shooting Caught on Camera. I clicked on the article and then read the tagline... Firefighters heard laughing after dog shot by police. This sent quite a bit of anger through me but I read on. Apparently the dog had attacked two people and the firefighters/police came to help. When they got there the Pit Bull was still running loose, trapping the firefighters in their vehicles. The police officer shoots at the dog, the bullet grazing his face. While this is going on the firefighters are having a grand old time capturing the moment on their cell phones. If you read the article you can view video but they show only before the dog was shot and after. After is when you can hear all of the firefighters laughing and cracking jokes about the dog. Hearing them laugh about it made me so angry and sad. I cannot believe ANYONE could laugh about something like that. It's so awful. The Pit Bull was believed to be a stray and is being tested for rabies. It was euthanized later in the day.

Am I angry about the police officer shooting the dog? No...I mean if it really was dangerous, I guess that's what he had to do but it's not the least bit funny. Not one bit.

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