Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On the Road Again

Currently I am sitting in the car on my way to Indiana. It's a four hour trip so I thought I would blog in the car and post it when I find some internet. So speaking of traveling. How do you all take your dogs in the car? Currently Addie is in the other car in her cage. She seems to be doing fine, she's relaxed but drooling, A LOT. When she gets nervous she drools…

If you read my frustrations entry from a couple of days ago you read about my frustrations with my boyfriends grandmother. The frustration continues. Just about every day we hear a story about a Pit Bull mauling some one. This is yesterdays story. Apparently the Pit Bull jumped the fence and attacked the girl for no reason. In my opinion there is always a reason. Maybe the dog was outside for too long. Maybe the girl was taunting the dog. There are a number of reasons why the dog could have been in such an aggravated state. These questions just can't be answered. I mean no disrespect to the injured girl but I can't believe that the dog attacked for no reason. There is always a reason for why Pit Bulls or ANY OTHER DOG attacks.

How about some good Pit Bull stories. Below are three links to three different great Pit Bull stories! These were sent to me by a nice emailer! I hope you all enjoy.

Pit Bull Saves Family From Intruder

Pit Bull Prevents Potential Car-Jacking

Pit Bull Saves Paralyzed Man from Fire

Don't forget to submit your loving, adorable Pit Bulls for the next I'd Like You to Meet post! Also, if you have any smiling Pittie pictures send them as well! :)


  1. My parents have never met our pitties, and despite all the posts and videos we have of them my dad is still convinced that they are going to "turn" on us. I think this is what a lot of people who never met a pitbull in person thinks. Before we had our dogs I was also prejudiced against pitbulls, but the minute I met Miss M (the first bully I ever met) it all changed. My family is coming to visit in a few weeks, so we'll see how that goes.
    We're going to send you "I'd like you to Meet" photos soon.

  2. For months after my boyfriend and I got our pit, all I heard was horrible things from all sides of each family. It really hurt to think that, 1. they did not trust our intelligence or judgment enough to let us choose our own dog, and 2. that anyone could even spew so much hate for such an extended period of time.

    Luckily, both families have turned their attitudes around after having spent time with the dog. (Reluctantly, at first). Although it was a long, somewhat emotionally painful process, I really think the fight is worth it. It's awesome to see huge extended families opening up their minds and hearts to the breed.

    Good luck with grandma, and here's another positive pitty tale:



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