Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Unacceptable Behavior

This evening was pretty rough for me. I got in a really big fight with my mom and all I wanted to do was see Addie because she always makes me feel better. I mean, she's an adorable Pit Bull, how could she not cheer me up! To catch anyone up, Addie belongs to my boyfriend and I and we don't live together. That means when I am at home, she's not with me. So unfortunately, there was no adorable Pit Bull to cheer me up. Instead, I went down to walk by the river. (I live right on the Mississippi.) I walked around for a bit and then decided to sit down and watch the geese as well as the dog walkers go by. I was sitting there HOPING to see a Pit Bull. After about 5 minutes, from around the corner, I saw a white Pit Bull walking my way with it's owner and another dog. Well, I was happy to see the dogs, but the owner was a MESS. The geese were all lined up and she was just mesmerized by them. Of course she had to pull out her cell phone to get a picture. While this was going on, her dogs are pulling on their leashes and jumping on people. What does she do? SHE KEEPS TAKING PICTURES. Then another dog walker starting walking by and the Pit Bull started barking like crazy and pulling even harder on the leash to try to get to the other dog. You think she'd attempt to do something about it. No. The lady is now texting. Are you kidding me?! As I said, she had two dogs with her and in the commotion of barking and pulling, her dogs started fighting with each other. FINALLY the gets her attention and she puts her phone away, separates the dogs, smacks the Pit Bull in the mouth a few times, and then returns to staring at the geese. Now, I have a little sympathy for her. I mean it's difficult to walk Addie because she gets so excited to meet people and other dogs so were similar in that way. Addie also likes to try and jump and pull BUT I never would sit there and text and let my dog jump on people. The whole situation was unacceptable and frustrating to me. She's a reason why people think Pit Bulls are out of control and can't be trained. I'm a shy person and I figured it was none of my business so I didn't say anything to her, but, I kind of wish I would have. I hope she gets ahold of herself and starts taking care of her dogs instead of worrying about less important things.

I'd Like You to Meet, I'd Like You to Meet, I'd Like You to Meet: Please send some in! The reason I started that post is so that when Pit Bull haters or lovers come to the blog they would get a chance to read about some of your wonderful well behaved Pit Bulls. I want to convince readers that Pit Bulls are good. I could write about how Addie is a great dog every week, but I think it would be more believable if I had some other fine pooches to write about! Like YOURS! :)

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