Monday, August 30, 2010

I love this.

Pit Bull Statistics

Once again I am SORRY for my lack of posting. I have just started grad school and things have been really hectic! I have been taking tests and practicing and auditioning and stalking the Transformers 3 set which happened to be shooting in the ally right next to my building! Hopefully I can get back to posting regularly soon!

I have come across the site Don't Bully My Breed several times and I really like it. If you haven't already, go check it out. My favorite part is the statistics that can be found on the home page. These are completely copied from their site. Enjoy.

1.) About 40 people (children) per year die by drowning in 5-gallon water pails. A person, during their lifetime, is 16 times more likely to drown in a 5-gallon water pail than to be killed by a Pit Bull.
2.) Approximately 50 children in the US are killed every year by their cribs - 25 times the number of children and adults killed by Pit Bulls.
3.) Approximately 150 people are killed every year by falling coconuts. Therefore, you are more than 60 TIMES MORE LIKELY to be killed by a PALM TREE than a Pit Bull.
4.) Each year, 350 people drown in their bathtubs. You are 151 times more likely to be killed by your bathtub than you are by a Pit Bull.
5) Every year, more than 2,000 children in the U.S. are killed by their parents or guardians either through abuse or neglect. A child is more than 800 times more likely to be killed by their caretaker than by a Pit Bull.
6) It can be estimated that for every Pit Bull who kills, there are 10.5 MILLION that DON'T!

I hope you enjoyed these wonderful stats. Aren't they awesome?

Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm back!

It has been too long since I have last written and I apologize for that. The reason for my little disappearance is that I have officially moved to the Windy City. I have always loved Chicago and I couldn't be more excited to live here. I've been walking around the city and have seen some cute dogs but no pitties so I am having a major pittie withdrawal. The only Pit Bull I've seen is Addie...through SKYPE! I will have more time write later this week so I will hopefully write a real entry soon! In the meantime, send me some I'd Like you to Meet stuff so I'll have something to write about! :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dolly the Pit Bull

Dolly on Facebook!

I want this to stop happening to our Pit Bulls. They need to just find good homes the first time. :(

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Good Bye

Saying good bye totally sucks, especially when you're saying good bye to your Pit Bull. I had to say good bye to Addie last week because I am headed of to Chicago Saturday. I am going to miss her so much. Have any of you ever had to live away from your Pittie?

Our last pic together..I am going to miss her for the next month! :(

Friday, August 13, 2010

For Pitties Sake.

I just submitted this little piece on The Proper Pit Bull. The question was one we've all heard... Are Pit Bulls Dangerous?

Am I in denial that Pit Bulls have killed? No. I am quite aware that it has happened and will continue to happen although it CAN be prevented. Pit Bull haters, I ask you this. Are you aware that humans have killed? I am sure you have noticed that they have, they can, and they will. What kind of people are these murderers? They have usually lead bad lives, no discipline, abuse, neglect, you name it. You may be wondering, what does this have to do with Pit Bulls? Well... the Pit Bulls that are attacking are dealing with these same sorts of thing. They are totally unpredictable when under these living arrangements. It is SO unfortunate that people have been hurt and even killed by these precious and sweet animals but don't blame the dog, blame their owner. Dogs are intelligent but they are not humans. The way they act is based on how they live. They don't know any better...

As an owner of a young Pit Bull (10 months) I am always monitoring her behavior. It's something that has to be done with ALL dogs but it's something that a lot of dog owners don't do. I think that the attacks and deaths by Pit Bulls would decrease significantly if they would just end up in the hands of good people who will love them and give them the attention and respect they deserve, as well as always being conscious of their behavior.

My motto is, If you're responsible, you're dog will be responsible. Let's work to get the Pitties a better reputation. It is up to US, not them.

Well you've read my opinion. Now, let's hear YOURS!

WHAT?!?! They think I am dangerous?! 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that at The Proper Pit Bull you can make your own web page dedicated to your Pit Bull! Well you CAN! Here's mine for Addie!

If you want to show off your pit bull like I did, click here to get started!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'd Like You to Meet...

It's that time again Pit Bull lovers! You're about to meet a true cutie from North Carolina! Here we go!

I'd like you to meet...


Cute name huh? Let's hear a little bit more about him from his mom!
Bunz is a 12 year old brindle pit bull, and is the light of my life. He is the most caring and loyal friend a girl could ask for. He is known for rotating throughout the house during the day as the sun that he is constantly getting a "sun bath" through the window. He loves to eat edamame, play fetch with a tennis ball, and hang out with my two step children, Colin (5) and Julia(7). They've been known to dress him up as a wizard, or a fairy, or just a 'cool guy' with sunglasses. He just loves the attention. He has a favorite toy (featured below) that he sleeps with actually IN his mouth Too cute!

He is cute! Let's see some more pictures.
Bunz and Mom! How cute!
Favorite Toy!
Bunz is styling in his denim jacket. What a stud!

He cleans up nicely!

Thanks to Bunz's mom Catherine for sending in pictures of Bunz! I hope you enjoyed reading about him as much as did writing about him! 

If you want your pittie featured in an I'd Like You to Meet post send me an email at!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Hey pittie friends. Sorry I have been a little absent lately. You see, I am about to start my masters degree at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois! I graduated this past May at Western Illinois University with a degree in music performance. I play clarinet and my dream is to play in a major symphony orchestra someday, like the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Anyways, about 13 days from now I will be spending 5 hours taking entrance exams and doing stuff like this...

Along with this I am learning about music from ancient times all the way to music today. Granted, I HAVE learned all this during my undergrad but it was about 2-3 years ago and my retaining-of-information skills AREN'T the greatest.

In Pit Bull news, Addie styled my hair for me. (AKA holding me down and licking me for 5 minutes.)

Monday, August 9, 2010

For your information...

Pit Bulls can't control their licker.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Justice for Louis

Pit Bull lovers, I bring you an awful story. Meet Louis, a wonderful Pit Bull who was tortured for a horribly stupid reason.

Louis was beaten with a shovel, then doused with lighter fluid and set on fire by Juan Daniels. Why would someone do this to a dog...? Well Mr. Daniels reason was because his family wouldn't let him borrow the car. I can't imagine the pain Louie went through. It hurts me to think about it. What we need from you is help. Please, if you have time, send a letter to the Alabama Board of Pardons/Paroles.

You can write to them at this address:

The Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles
PO Box 302405, Montgomery, Alabama 36130
The letter should reference: Juan Daniels, AIS#263875

Luckily, Louis made it through his traumatic event and is now with a loving adoptive family. This doesn't mean that Juan Daniels does not deserve parole. He needs to be punished to the FULLEST extent of the law and that's why you need to send in letters. Please try your best to get the letters in before his case is considered on 8/24/2010.

Check up on Louis now by watching this You Tube video dedicated to him and his recovery.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

10 months!

This post is dedicated to my adorable pit bull Addie! Today she is ten months old...such a big girl! I love her so much! Unfortunately I didn't get to spend the day with her because I had to come home because my grandpa had a stroke which turns out to be because of a massive brain tumor. He isn't doing well so I am going to take this time to write about Addie and try and cheer up!

When we got her she was so little I could pick her up with one hand. Now I can barely pick her up (although she still loves being picked up and held). She has changed so much since we got her. At first she was pretty quiet. Then she became a CONSTANT barker. High pitched screaming barks. Those were not fun days. She also went through a nibbling on mom and dad phrase which totally sucked because her teeth were little daggers back then. It took the longest time to potty train her but I think she finally has gotten the hang of it! When she was little she had the most gorgeous blue eyes and although they have changed, they are still beautiful.

I miss her as a puppy because she was just so darn cute! I think she is pretty much full grown now but she is still adorable and I still call her my puppy. I think I always will. I love her SO much, she is seriously like my child. I love her as much as my other family members!

She's a big goof ball and likes to play hide and seek under the blanket. She decided to play yesterday. It was difficult but we some how found her... ;)

Monday, August 2, 2010

All Things Pit Bull

A list of my favorite Pit Bull things!

Favorite Pittie Website:

--You can make an account, enter contests and read a lot of articles about Pit Bulls as well as find friends. My account is Vonne0306..add me as a friend! :)

Favorite Pit Bull Blog: Two Pitties in the City

--I read this blog EVERY day and I have fallen in love with Ms. M, Mr. B, and now Wilma! If you haven't already read this blog, do it now! It's great! :)

Favorite Pit Bull Show: Pit Boss

--I just LOVE this show.

Favorite Pit Bull:

It's about time for a new I'd Like You to Meet post. Please allow me to write about your wonderful loving Pit Bull! Read my side bar if you need info on how to enter! I love getting a chance to write about your dog and I think other readers like to meet other Pit Bulls! You can see examples of I'd Like You to Meet by clicking on the label at the end of this post!


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