Wednesday, August 4, 2010

10 months!

This post is dedicated to my adorable pit bull Addie! Today she is ten months old...such a big girl! I love her so much! Unfortunately I didn't get to spend the day with her because I had to come home because my grandpa had a stroke which turns out to be because of a massive brain tumor. He isn't doing well so I am going to take this time to write about Addie and try and cheer up!

When we got her she was so little I could pick her up with one hand. Now I can barely pick her up (although she still loves being picked up and held). She has changed so much since we got her. At first she was pretty quiet. Then she became a CONSTANT barker. High pitched screaming barks. Those were not fun days. She also went through a nibbling on mom and dad phrase which totally sucked because her teeth were little daggers back then. It took the longest time to potty train her but I think she finally has gotten the hang of it! When she was little she had the most gorgeous blue eyes and although they have changed, they are still beautiful.

I miss her as a puppy because she was just so darn cute! I think she is pretty much full grown now but she is still adorable and I still call her my puppy. I think I always will. I love her SO much, she is seriously like my child. I love her as much as my other family members!

She's a big goof ball and likes to play hide and seek under the blanket. She decided to play yesterday. It was difficult but we some how found her... ;)

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  1. Happy 10 month birthday, Addie!



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