Monday, August 2, 2010

All Things Pit Bull

A list of my favorite Pit Bull things!

Favorite Pittie Website:

--You can make an account, enter contests and read a lot of articles about Pit Bulls as well as find friends. My account is Vonne0306..add me as a friend! :)

Favorite Pit Bull Blog: Two Pitties in the City

--I read this blog EVERY day and I have fallen in love with Ms. M, Mr. B, and now Wilma! If you haven't already read this blog, do it now! It's great! :)

Favorite Pit Bull Show: Pit Boss

--I just LOVE this show.

Favorite Pit Bull:

It's about time for a new I'd Like You to Meet post. Please allow me to write about your wonderful loving Pit Bull! Read my side bar if you need info on how to enter! I love getting a chance to write about your dog and I think other readers like to meet other Pit Bulls! You can see examples of I'd Like You to Meet by clicking on the label at the end of this post!

1 comment:

  1. Oh, thank you for the great complement! It's great to be mentioned in such good company. I've been meaning to send in an "I'd like you to meet", but we've kind of gotten sidetracked with a couple of things going on here, and our life should get back to normal--meaning I'd be able to organize and send one in--after next week.



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