Friday, August 13, 2010

For Pitties Sake.

I just submitted this little piece on The Proper Pit Bull. The question was one we've all heard... Are Pit Bulls Dangerous?

Am I in denial that Pit Bulls have killed? No. I am quite aware that it has happened and will continue to happen although it CAN be prevented. Pit Bull haters, I ask you this. Are you aware that humans have killed? I am sure you have noticed that they have, they can, and they will. What kind of people are these murderers? They have usually lead bad lives, no discipline, abuse, neglect, you name it. You may be wondering, what does this have to do with Pit Bulls? Well... the Pit Bulls that are attacking are dealing with these same sorts of thing. They are totally unpredictable when under these living arrangements. It is SO unfortunate that people have been hurt and even killed by these precious and sweet animals but don't blame the dog, blame their owner. Dogs are intelligent but they are not humans. The way they act is based on how they live. They don't know any better...

As an owner of a young Pit Bull (10 months) I am always monitoring her behavior. It's something that has to be done with ALL dogs but it's something that a lot of dog owners don't do. I think that the attacks and deaths by Pit Bulls would decrease significantly if they would just end up in the hands of good people who will love them and give them the attention and respect they deserve, as well as always being conscious of their behavior.

My motto is, If you're responsible, you're dog will be responsible. Let's work to get the Pitties a better reputation. It is up to US, not them.

Well you've read my opinion. Now, let's hear YOURS!

WHAT?!?! They think I am dangerous?! 

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