Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'd Like You to Meet...

It's that time again Pit Bull lovers! You're about to meet a true cutie from North Carolina! Here we go!

I'd like you to meet...


Cute name huh? Let's hear a little bit more about him from his mom!
Bunz is a 12 year old brindle pit bull, and is the light of my life. He is the most caring and loyal friend a girl could ask for. He is known for rotating throughout the house during the day as the sun that he is constantly getting a "sun bath" through the window. He loves to eat edamame, play fetch with a tennis ball, and hang out with my two step children, Colin (5) and Julia(7). They've been known to dress him up as a wizard, or a fairy, or just a 'cool guy' with sunglasses. He just loves the attention. He has a favorite toy (featured below) that he sleeps with actually IN his mouth Too cute!

He is cute! Let's see some more pictures.
Bunz and Mom! How cute!
Favorite Toy!
Bunz is styling in his denim jacket. What a stud!

He cleans up nicely!

Thanks to Bunz's mom Catherine for sending in pictures of Bunz! I hope you enjoyed reading about him as much as did writing about him! 

If you want your pittie featured in an I'd Like You to Meet post send me an email at!

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