Friday, August 6, 2010

Justice for Louis

Pit Bull lovers, I bring you an awful story. Meet Louis, a wonderful Pit Bull who was tortured for a horribly stupid reason.

Louis was beaten with a shovel, then doused with lighter fluid and set on fire by Juan Daniels. Why would someone do this to a dog...? Well Mr. Daniels reason was because his family wouldn't let him borrow the car. I can't imagine the pain Louie went through. It hurts me to think about it. What we need from you is help. Please, if you have time, send a letter to the Alabama Board of Pardons/Paroles.

You can write to them at this address:

The Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles
PO Box 302405, Montgomery, Alabama 36130
The letter should reference: Juan Daniels, AIS#263875

Luckily, Louis made it through his traumatic event and is now with a loving adoptive family. This doesn't mean that Juan Daniels does not deserve parole. He needs to be punished to the FULLEST extent of the law and that's why you need to send in letters. Please try your best to get the letters in before his case is considered on 8/24/2010.

Check up on Louis now by watching this You Tube video dedicated to him and his recovery.


  1. Oh how awful! why do people think they can do this?! That makes me so upset!

  2. OH MY GOD, This is just the most horrible act, No animal should have to suffer such an ordeal ! This is heartbreaking, how can one harm another living being like that??? These types of people make me sick!!!!

  3. Wouldn't let him borrow the car. Okay. What a sick and demented person.

  4. What a sick person! I am so sorry for this poor dog going through this. I found you through blog hop and am glad I did. TY for calling attention to amazing dogs.

  5. Oh wow... that is terrible! I'm so angry and upset right now. Poor, poor Louie. :( Why do people do things like that?

  6. that is horrible !
    awwww :'( i juhss wanna kry
    i would never do that to my pitbulls. WTF !
    he is a very very very SICK man.
    aaawww im juhss so sadd noww :"(
    hope you qet better Louie. sorry its too late fer me to write a letter :(



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