Friday, September 3, 2010

Pit Bull Statistics Part Two

Remember those wonderful Pit Bull statistics I posted the other day? Well I have come across some others that are not quite as positive. First of all, did you know Pitties are the most bred dog in America? They are, and only 1 in every 600 will find a forever home. ONE IN SIX-HUNDRED. Here are some other shocking and sad statistics.

  1. Animal shelters euthanize about 3 to 4 million cats and dogs a year. Pit Bulls can account for about 1 million of those euthanizations. 
  2. Shelters in large cities across the US have a bout a 40-60% population of Pit Bulls. The national average is 33%. Because of this large number an estimated 75% of shelters will euthanize their Pit Bulls when they come in. NO chance for adoption. Some of the more "lenient" shelters will give them a mere 24 hours. Pit Bull euthanasia rate at shelters is approximately at a disturbing 93% meaning that only 7% will find their forever home.
  3. Not only is  breeding a problem but NOT spaying or neutering your dog is an issue as well. The average fertile dog can produce two litters a year which can contain six to ten pups. This means that in six years a female dog and her offspring could produce 67,000 dogs...many whom will end up dead.
These are disturbing statistics BUT they are statistics that can be changed. We can all work together to change the world for Pit Bulls! Let's do it!

On a more personal note, the day I picked up Addie was the day she was going to to the shelter. I picked her up 60 minutes before she was headed there. I never knew until after I read these stats that I actually rescued her. Who knows what could have happened to her. I saved her life and she's made mine a little bit more worth living. I love you Addie. :)


All info came from this wonderful site.

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  1. I used your statistics regarding breeding to try to bring some common sense to a facebook "friend"/breeder who was threatening to send a pup she couldn't find a home for to the pound. Your dog is beautiful. She looks just like my Paige. :)



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