Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hey there Pittie lovers! I have some promoting to do! Please check out the following things! Please? :)

First of all, I got an exciting email from Barbara over at StubbyDog letting me know that their website will be launching this month! YAY! They, like the rest of us, are Pittie lovers and are dedicated to making a good name for Pit Bulls. I think this is going to be an amazing website and an even more amazing way to help the Pit Bulls. All though the website is not quite launched yet you can still check them out on Facebook! Their page is filled with all things Pit Bull including pictures, and news. Also if you like their page you'll be the first to know when the website is launched. Or you can just keep checking back at

NEXT on the agenda to talk about is another great website,!  They, like the StubbyDog Project are dedicated to helping the Pit Bulls. They have wonderful Pittie stories, pictures, and facts and fictions of the wonderful breed. Also they produce a great calendar every year! Since 2011 is quickly approaching, I recommend you head on over to their site and purchase one! It's bound to be adora-bull. You can click here to go directly to the purchasing page! All of the funds got to Pit Bull rescue, education and advocacy organizations! PLEASE consider it! You know you want to!

Please and thank you for checking out these great sites! Let them know I sent you!

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