Friday, November 12, 2010

The Face of Dog Fighting: One Dog's Incredible Journey

I found this video posted on the StubbyDog Project's Facebook page. It's about the dogfighting raid of July 2009, one of the largest raids in US history.

This is a heartbreaking story. I can't help but weep for Stallone and the other countless innocent animals that were injured and died in this fighting ring. The most horrible part about this story is not how badly injured Stallone was or the fact that he didn't make it. It's the fact that the dog fighter received only two years in prison. TWO YEARS! It's appalling to me. That is NOT long enough to learn a lesson.

Below is some footage from the actual dogfighting sites.

And one more...

This has got to stop and there is no way it will if the dog fighters are only getting two years in prison. No way.

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