Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Few Random Updates

Yeah, I am sure you already know but I am busy busy with school and neglect this blog all the time now. When I started this blog I was in the middle of summer vacation so I honestly didn't have a whole lot to do. Now I have a lot to do. Thanks for your patience though!

So the black lab my boyfriend Brett found last week turned out to be Lucy! Like I said she was a great dog and Brett was sad to give her back to her owner! Not that I wasn't sad it's just that Addie had to stay cooped up in her cage while Lucy was with us. We went to all the vets and animal shelters in our area and left our phone number so that it could be passed on to the owner if they called. She hung out with me for about 5 hours before her dad came and got her!

Next on my list to chat about is: Addie may be part cat. You see, Brett has a laser pointer on his key chain that he messes with sometimes. Well one night he was shining it on the floor and Addie went berserk! She LOVES to chase it all around the apartment! It's her new form of exercise. She will chase it back and forth for hours! What's your dog's favorite form of exercise?

In other news, my sister just came home and told me she saw a boxer bulldog mix on her way back into the city. She stopped and talked to the guy and asked what kind of dog it was. He explained to her that it was a boxer bulldog mix. Then he said don't worry, she's not a Pit Bull. My sister then explained to him that her sister, that's me, had a Pit Bull. He followed that by saying, "Oh, so you know they aren't mean then." He told her a lot of people are scared of his dog because they think she's a Pit Bull. I know exactly how he feels. More times than not I get people who would rather walk in the street than walk next to us on the sidewalk. I guess they'd rather get hit by a car then attacked by my "vicious" Pit Bull. Lately when I am with Addie and someone is walking our direction, I will move over to the grass have Addie sit and let the person pass. It's so frustrating sometimes. The people she does get to meet like her very much although she can get excited and start jumping and kissing. I love when we run into other Pit Bull lovers because they always adore her! :)

I'm sure you've noticed I changed the look of the blog. I just needed a change! :)

Thanks for reading and check back soon for some new entries!

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