Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pit Bull Media Bias: My Letter to KLTV 7 Texas, Go Bears, and Updates on the Texas Pit Bull Ban

Today I came across an article by KLTV 7 news in the East Texas area. The article was entitled "East Texas Man Dies of Heart Attack After Pit Bull attack. You can read it by clicking    here.

I have found many articles by this news station to be biased and after reading this article I had enough so I sent in this letter.

To whom it may concern,

I am writing today because of the frustration I felt after reading the article "East Texas Man Dies of Heart Attack After Pit Bull Attack." My frustration was brought on by the title and the first sentence of this article. After reading the title I expected the story to go something like this: Man has heart attack after he is attacked by a Pit Bull. Turns out, this was not even close to what I would read.

Pit Bulls are under incredible scrutiny from the media. It is proven that there is a media bias against Pit Bulls and I am sad to report that this news station is involved in it. By making the title of the article "East Texas Man Dies of Heart Attack After Pit Bull Attack" all involved have blatantly used the Pit Bull name to bring in readers.

My complaints are as follows:

-The title of this article makes it seem as if the Pit Bull attacked this man when in reality the Pit Bulls were going after other dogs which in fact, happens every day with every single breed of dog.

-The first sentence of this article is, in my opinion, outrageous. “Another East Texas pit bull attack leaves one man dead...and sends one woman to the hospital.” To me, the writer of this article makes it seem like the Pit Bulls attacked and killed the man and attacked the woman. This was not the case at all.  The woman was hurt trying to break up the fight, which is something that can be expected when breaking up any dogfight. The man, according to the article, was not attacked or bitten in any way. He simply died of a heart attack, which may have had nothing to do with the dogfight. He could have had bad health for all we know. It obvious that the writer of this article believed that the heart attack was brought upon by the fight. This could be very untrue.

- I know there is a brief statement about the second Pit Bull biting someone on-scene but because of the lack of information in the article we have no idea what the situation was. The first Pit Bull was shot to death, which may have caused the second Pit Bull to become very scared leading to a bite. We don’t know the situation, nor do we know whom it bit. This fact is not relevant with out more information.

As far as I am concerned, the news should be delivered without a biased opinion in all aspects; from politics, to sports, to Pit Bulls. I hope you will take my opinion seriously and take the appropriate actions to prevent this from happening again. Thank you for your time.

Yvonne Dean

In other news: The Bears won against the Eagles and Michael Vick! Vick didn't perform so well today. Maybe he should be treated how his dogs were when they didn't perform well in the fighting ring. Just a thought.

And last but not least, I am VERY happy to report that senator Kevin Eltife in East Texas has expressed that he is not interested in a state-wide Pit Bull Ban. He is willing to work with Tyler attorney Cynthia Stevens Kent on controlling dogs at a city and county level. Hopefully these cities and counties will do the right thing and stay away from BSL.

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