Thursday, December 2, 2010

15 Reasons Why I Love My Pit Bull

Some people I know may think it's stupid to write a blog about Pit Bulls. They may think it's a waste of time or just think I am crazy. I do this because I love these dogs more than anything. Just seeing a Pit Bull makes me light up inside. Hearing people talk badly about them sends a rage through me. Reading about fighting dogs makes me cry. Stories about Pit Bulls being heroes make me proud. You could say that I am pretty darn passionate about these creatures. So, I have made a list of all the reasons I love Pit Bulls, specifically my Pit Bull, Addie. Enjoy.

1. Whenever I come home from being gone she is genuinely happy to see me. Even if it's only been 5 minutes.

2. She knows I am ticklish. If I am laying down she will pin my arms down and lick my neck/face and I can't help but laugh hysterically. She gets so much joy out of this. I honestly think she likes making me laugh.

3. She's funny. She has a great personality.

4. When my feet are cold she will sit on them.

5. She snores..LOUD. Just like me. :)

6. She's smart and she learns so quickly.

7. She watches TV with me.

8. She kisses on command. Make the kissy noise and you're sure to get frenched.

9. She loves everything. Every person, every animal, every thing. You can tell by how excited she gets.

10. When she gets really excited she wags her tail so hard that her body moves with it.

11. She's got a great Pittie smile.

12. She loves being held and loves cuddling. She is definitely a lap dog.

13. When she comes up to me and jumps up it means she wants to be held. She's 50 pounds but I still will pick her up and hold her. Just not as long as I used to. :)

14. She inspires me. As silly as it sounds, I want to be like her. Seeing the way she accepts every single person she meets with no judgment makes me want to be a better person. She's happy all the time and lets nothing get her down. She forgives the people who treat her like crap from time to time. She is always there when you're down. 

15. She loves me. I know she does.


  1. Pit Bulls are such a misunderstood canine breed, it is so unfair to them in so many ways. I know what you mean by feeling a multitude of emotions about Pit Bulls, I feel the same for Greyhound's (and all canine breeds really) that are punished and victimized constantly & unfairly.

    I love your passion, you should be very proud of the person you are! We need more passionate & dedicated people to campaign for our canine friends! They enrich our lives in so many ways & need a voice to speak for them. :-)

  2. Our pitties are just like yours! Bruno will literally climb up onto the couch even if there isn't an inch of space for him and snuggle in. He loves to cuddle and snuggle and sleep under blankets. He is amazing.
    Love your blog!



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