Monday, December 13, 2010

Pit Bull Positive

If you are ANYTHING like me you love the internet. I pretty much LOVE social networking sites. I admittedly have a Facebook, Twitter, Daily Booth and (obviously) a blogger account. Now I have found something that combines my love of social networking and Pit Bulls and it is called Pit Bull Positive.

In Pit Bull Positive's words Pit Bull Positive is a social network for owners, rescuers, advocates, and anyone who wishes to see the breed succeed. Sounds like you, right? There are over 1000 people on this network that you can add as friends, chat with, and share pictures and videos with. There are forums that range from fostering to training to health. You can also write blog entries, create a unique look for your page, make events, join groups and add application. In simple terms: Pit Bull Positive is freaking AWESOME.

So I ask you Pit Bull lovers, to join me at Pit Bull Positive and when you do, add me as a friend.

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