Sunday, November 13, 2011

Moving On

Nearly two years ago to the day I met a Pit Bull puppy. I never knew how much she would change my life. We (my now ex-boyfriend and I) named her Addison but called her Addie for short. I fell in love with her.

After several months with her, I started realizing the unfair circumstances that Pit Bulls go through. That's when I started becoming really interested in the breed. I started reading every pit bull article I could find and that's when I really learned about BSL, dog fighting, and the euthanasia rates of Pit Bulls. One thing I learned from Addie herself is how great Pit Bulls really are. She made me fall in love with the breed.

After all that research and the actual unfairness I saw day-to-day with Addie I realized I wanted to do anything I could to help Pit Bulls. I wanted to prove to the world that Pit Bulls are amazing animals. And that is when I decided to start this blog.

I blogged for a little over a year with Addie by my side. The first day I ever posted, I got 7 hits. A year later it was nearly 700 hits in one day. Between the time I started the blog and now, it has been read in 134 countries of the world. It's not about numbers though. I am trying to change people's bad perception of Pit Bulls. Even if I only do that for one person, it's still a success.

Now I don't blog with Addie by my side. If you are up-to-date with the blog you know that my boyfriend and I broke up and he took her. There wasn't really anything I could do. I miss her every single day. I can't tell you how many times I almost called to beg for her back. But I didn't.

I have neglected this blog because I have been grieving. Because it hurt to think about Pit Bulls when I didn't have my own anymore. Now time has passed and I am still sad about it but it's time to move on. I will never see Addie again. As much as it hurts to say that, I know it is the truth. I will always miss her and remember her.

Now that I have come to terms with my circumstances I want to return to blogging again. I truly have missed it. Just because I don't have my Pit Bull anymore, that doesn't mean I don't want to help the rest of them. So, I am returning to blogging. I am so excited to be back and start fresh.

Thanks to everyone who has stuck around and supported me through this time. I appreciate it more than you know! See you all soon! Make sure to check back this week for posts!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another Vicktory Dog Finds a Home

Little Red passed her CGC and has a home. What a touching video! Good job, Little Red!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Pit Bull Owner’s Guide to Arthritis Prevention : A Guest Post from VetDepot

Welcome to October everyone! Did you know October is Pit Bull Awareness and Appreciation month? We're going to start things off here at Don't Be a Pit Bully with a guest post from VetDepot! VetDepot is an online pet medication and supply retailer committed to selling only U.S. EPA/FDA approved products at  wholesale prices- making responsible pet care more affordable. Please visit them at You can also follow them on Twitter at or 'Like' them on Facebook at!
A Pit Bull Owner’s Guide to Arthritis Prevention  
If you’ve ever owned a pit bull, you are surely familiar with that big pittie smile, their uncontrollable wagging tail and theirenergetic nature. Many pit bulls are more than happy to be a running partner or participate in a game of fetch. While it’s good to make sure your sweet pooch gets plenty of exercise, it’s also important to be aware that their active nature puts bully breeds at an elevated risk for joint problems.
Arthritis simply defined is the inflammation of the joints. Dogs affected by arthritis experience pain accompanied by stiffness and a reduction in mobility. A variety of variables can contribute to the onset of arthritis including genetic defects, strenuous exercise and traumatic injuries. Although genetics plays a big role in some forms of canine arthritis (i.e. hip dysplasia), there are still some things pit bull parents can do to keep their lovable companion’s joints as healthy as possible:
•Keep Exercise Off Road: Hard surfaces such as asphalt and concrete are tough on canine joints. Keep as much activity as possible on softer surfaces like grass or dirt to reduce impact and lessen joint stress.   
•Warm Up and Cool Down: Just like people, dogs need a few minutes of walking before and after running to keep those doggy joints warm and flexible. Also, keep in mind that excessive exercise can be tough on canine joints.  So while regular exercise is important, keep play and exercise sessions light and fun for your pooch to avoid joint damage.
•Keep Fido at a Healthy Weight: Obesity leads to many serious canine health conditions. A few extra puppy pounds can exert a lot of unnecessary pressure down on your pet’s joints. Consult with your veterinarian regarding a healthy diet plan and make an appropriate exercise routine a priority.
•Start a Joint Supplement Regimen: Nutritional supplements that contain glucosamine and chondroitin are an easy way to support your dog’s joint health. 
By keeping these few tips in mind, owners can minimize their dog’s chances of experiencing pain associated with arthritis.

I'd like to say thank you to VetDepot for writing this article for the blog! I hope this is something that can happen regularly. If anyone has any specific bully breed health questions, you can send them to me at and, hopefully, we can have more posts like this in the near future!

Monday, September 26, 2011

I'd Like You to Meet

Again, let me apologize for not being around very much. If you don't know where I have been, go two posts back and you'll find the reason I haven't been writing. 

I am happy to announce that I want to start writing here again and hope to do so more often! 

Awhile back I introduced the new banner featuring four adorable pitties! First of all I am glad to have all of them be apart of the banner. Second of all, now that they have been up awhile I am going to feature them each separately in their own banners! The first to be featured is Chevy.

I'd Like You to Meet...

Here's more info about Chevy from his owner, Kristine.

Chevy has came a long way. Hes two years old, born on independence day, and has lived a long two years at that. From an abused home as a pup, I got him when he was about 7 months old, and was a wreck first couple of days that I had him. I really wanted to give him back, but when he looked at me with his sad eyes, I couldn't. He's my best friend! He loves going "bye-bye" loves being adventurous, hates water & water bottles. I hope to have Chevy become a service dog, but he is still too hyper. Hes an amazing dog, has an amazing personality, if you can tell on his face, its like a wishbone, so hes my lucky dog, who will stay with me forever.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Hero Dogs of 9/11

I can't believe it's been 10 years.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Reason I Haven't Been Writing

I don't know if you have noticed but I haven't been writing lately. Sometimes I stop writing because I get really busy, or just don't have time but my reason for not writing is different this time. I haven't been writing because technically, I no longer have a Pit Bull. 

My Pit Bull, Addie, belonged to me and my boyfriend but we have since broken up. He has decided that she belongs to him and I can no longer see her. I wish there was something I could do but she is registered under his name and not mine. Although he knows that I live to help this breed, and that I love Addie more than most people in my life, he has still taken her away from me. 

I thought about shutting down the blog. How could I write a blog about Pit Bulls when I don't even have one any longer? I have decided against that because even though I don't technically have a Pit Bull anymore, I still love the breed more than anything and want to do anything I can to help them. 

I miss Addie and hope I will get to see her again but I don't think I will and I cry about it nearly every day. Please forgive me for not writing, it just hurts to think about her. I will not stop helping Pit Bulls though. I love them too much and they deserve to be helped.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Purchase (ADORABLE) Jewelry and Help Raise Money for Pit Bulls in Need

Aren't those the cutest necklaces you have ever seen? These beautiful pieces of jewelry are a part of the Animal Lover's Collection by Kristi at KR Designs. If you purchase one or more items (which you should) from this collection, normally 10% of the proceeds are donated to various animal rescue groups and shelters. However, through August 27th, Kristi is donating 30%, and this what it will be going towards.

Meet Dozer, an adorable Pit Bull who has been through the worst. Below is his story which I copied from his Facebook Page.

Dozer's story is a horrible one. I can't believe that this poor guy has survived this long.

Dozer was just rescued this week from an abusive household. The story about what happened isn't totally clear but from what we can gather, the husband's form of discipline was to repeatedly kick Dozer over and over on a regular basis. One night, the husband went to hit his wife and Dozer went after him and bit his ankle. Infuriated, the husband grabbed his gun and shot Dozer.

Dozer was able to run to the neighbor's house and hide under her porch. When the husband came out to shoot him again, the 80 year woman that lived in the house came out with a broom and warned that if he touched Dozer then he would have to deal with her.

Even though the elderly woman was initially afraid of Dozer, she protected him for days. Dozer sat under her porch, untreated, for 5 days.

During this time, Dozer repeatedly scratched at his gunshot wound. His wound is now 8 inches long, 4 inches wide and has a depth of 1 inch.

Currently, Dozer is being housed at a grooming facility and we are working to get him to Chicago so that he can get the intensive medical care that he needs.

At this point, Dozer already has a fever of over 103 degrees and he is only receiving oral antibiotics and pain pills. He needs x-rays, surgery, IV antibiotics, IV pain medications, heartworm testing and possibly treatment when he is strong enough, vaccinations, neutered, hospitalization, etc.  

To see Dozer's injury please click the link. WARNING: It is graphic and may be disturbing to some individuals.

Now meet adorable Pit Bull siblings that have also been through a terrible time.

Lady Jane and Sir John

Again, I have copied and pasted their story from their Facebook Page.

SIR JOHN & LADY JANE were found together in a dark, dirty stairwell of a Queens apt. building.
They were so weak they had to be carried to the Animal Care & Control van that took them to the city shelter. There they laid, waiting in cages, where it was too difficult for them to even lift their heads to eat. Still, their gentle nature was apparent and word got out about the starved brother sister 
duo in crisis. AmsterDog Rescue took them in under their wing and rushed them to Animal Specialty Center of Yonkers to try and save their lives. At first, the doctors were looking for an intestinal abnormality, not believing that any human would be capable of doing this to any living being. But it was the horrible truth--Jane & John had been almost starved to death.
No one knows yet who did this, but evidence is being gathered and we will push for punishment to the fullest extent of the law.

Jane has had the most issues, and was barely clinging to life when she came in. Her levels were so severely abnormal, she needed a blood transfusion, and she is still in Intensive Care where she fights for her life.
Her doctors are in consult with the same doctors who treated
Patrick of Patrick's Miracle.
John is stronger and he has responded well to the IV treatments and feeding tube and he will most likely be able to go to an experienced foster home soon where he can be nursed back to health.
The road is not going be an easy one for either of them, but both have made it clear that they wholeheartedly want to take on this JOURNEY, and so do we! Here's to Sir John and Lady Jane's Journey!!

As you can see, these babies NEED help. Please consider traveling over to Kristi's website and checking out some of her jewelry. Remember, 30% of the proceeds will be going to help these Pitties in need!

To view Kristi's designs click the link!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Make Your Pit Bull Famous!

Do you want your Pit Bull to be seen by thousands of people from over 120 countries of the world? Well, this YOUR chance!

It's that time again for me to find a new face for Don't Be A Pit Bully. All you have to do is submit ONE photo of your Pit Bull to either the Don't Be A Pit Bully Facebook Page OR to Make sure to include your dog's name!

If you have ANY questions, please let me know by either leaving a comment on this post, the Don't Be A Pit Bully Facebook page, or at!

Saying Good Bye to Catherine Hedges

The Pit Bull and animal world has lost a great advocate. Catherine Hedges, the founder of Don't Bully My Breed, Inc. has past away after her battle with breast cancer. She did so much for Pit Bulls and other animals.

Please consider donating to Don't Bully My Breed by clicking here.

R.I.P. Catherine. Thank you for all you've done and enjoy your new furry friends in heaven!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Michael Vick's "Finally Free" Available July 27

I am not quite sure how I have not heard about Michael Vick's autobiography today, but that is the case.

I'm guessing it will go something like this...

Chapter 1: A Hard Childhood- The excuse I use for the terrible mistakes I made.
Chapter 2: The NFL- Where I made the millions that I used to fight and kill dogs
Chapter 3: Jail Time- If I wouldn't have gotten caught, I would still be dogfighting.
Chapter 4: Woe is Me- All my endorsements dumped me.
Chapter 5: Redemption- Life after jail. Luckily the NFL was stupid enough to re-hire me.
Chapter 6: I Wouldn't Change Anything About My Life if I Could
Chapter 7: Educating About Dogfighting: I had to fill my community service hours somehow.
Chapter 8: I Am Really Good at Football- My previous endorsers want me back because all they care about is making money.
Chapter 9: Finally Free- Even though I am a convicted felon, my life is back to normal. COOL, this just proves I can get away with ANYTHING!

What really makes me angry is the fact that he is going to use his story of "redemption" and make even more undeserved money from it. He is going to use those dogs he killed and abused, write some crock about how he feels bad about it, and then is going to earn money from it. It's down right disgusting.

Let me tell you all about a book you should read. It's called The Lost Dogs and that's all you'll ever need to know about Michael Vick.

MV, I would just like you to know, you will NEVER truly be free.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Addie and the Projector

Here is Addie trying to figure out the projector screen! Silly girl.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Boycott Nike, Subway, and BET: This video says it all!

And people wonder why I can't forgive him.

Boycott Nike: Just Do It

Not only has Subway acknowledged Michael Vick in ways he shouldn't be, now Nike is doing the same thing. Back when Michael was convicted of his crime, Nike was quick to drop him. Now that he is "redeeming himself", they have brought him right back. The sad thing about this is the only reason he was ever let go or re-hired is because of money. I don't think that they let go of him because he violently killed dogs. I believe that he was let go from Nike because they knew they were going to lose money if they kept him. Now that he is making a comeback and people are starting to accept him again, Nike has re-hired him because they know that they, once again, can make money from him. This is where we come in. Many people are already boycotting Subway and now we need to boycott Nike! Please write or call Nike, and sign the petition.

Petition can be found by clicking here.

Please join the Facebook Group by clicking here.

Call Nike: 800-344-6453. Choose option 5, then option 9.

Email to Nike is

Nike USA Inc.
Consumer Services
One Bowerman Drive
Beaverton, OR 97005-6453 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

This photo was taken straight from the Bruised Not Broken Facebook Page! Check them out!

To my American readers, Happy Independence Day! :)

Thanks to all who serve our wonderful country!

And don't forget the Pit Bulls that have helped us achieve the freedom we have today!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I interrupt my normal Pit Bull broadcast to share with you something really awesome. I received an email from Sara at and she asked me to spread the word to all you readers about their new website. is launching soon and to celebrate their upcoming launch
they are giving away a $500 Petsmart gift card to one lucky winner!
Yes, you heard it right… $500!  That is enough money for a years worth
of food and toys for your furry friend.

So what is Bamzilla? is a members only website for pet lovers, offering pet
products from leading online pet retailers & manufactures at discounts
of 50-90% off retail prices!
So how do you enter to win?  It’s easy!
1) Head over to
2) Enter your email address to join their invite list so they can let
you know when they launch
3) Let your friends know about them via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
To be eligible, at least 5 of your friends need to enter the contest
from your unique link and the more friends you invite, the better chance
you have!  You can track how many people are signing up from your unique
link by putting your email address back into and press “go”
More information on the contest can be found here:

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Don't Be A Pit Bully Flyers

If you want to see this at full size, click the photo! It looks better that way.

Want your own personal flyer featuring your Pit Bull like the one above?! Email me at and we can get the process started. It's free and a good way to  show how great Pit Bulls are! :)

Any questions? Just ask!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Reasons I Cannot Forgive Michael Vick

Since this whole Subway Ordeal I have had several individuals ask why I can't just forgive Michael Vick. Most of us who feel this way about Vick, have been asked this question. Personally, there are so many reasons that I cannot completely explain my feelings in an average conversation. That's what this post is for. Listed below are the reasons I cannot forgive Michael Vick.

1. I have read the Lost Dogs. Below is an excerpt from the book. Most people that support Vick haven't read this book and I think they really should.

2. Michael Vick doesn't care about what he did to those dogs.

3. Yes, he is now a spokesperson for the HSUS and speaks to kids with similar life situations that he had about dogfighting, however, that is a part of his community service. It's something he is required to do.

4. Michael Vick, himself, has said that he wouldn't go back and change his life.
"I wouldn't change anything about my life if I could," he said. "As crazy as this may sound, going to prison really changed my life. I was able to go in and come out with a plan."
When I read this quote, I think about that poor dog he slammed into the ground. I can literally hear the bones breaking and the squeals in my head as I imagine it. I can also see him holding the dogs' heads in buckets of water, as they struggle to get free. I can feel the fear they experienced until they eventually stopped breathing.

Michael Vick served 19 months in prison. Many people say that he served his time, but 19 months is not enough time for what he did. Not to me anyways.

To my readers who disagree: Because this is a blog about Pit Bulls and NOT Michael Vick. I will respect your opinion as long as you respect mine. If you would like to speak with me about this matter, I would appreciate hearing from you in a respective manner. Thank you!

Save the Pit Bulls in San Diego

Pit Bulls may be in jeopardy in San Diego after recent Pit Bull attacks in the area. There is a survey going on at the San Diego Union Tribune about whether the city should ban Pit Bulls. Please call and vote against it. The number is 1-800-244-6397 ext. 2506. It is all automated.
Please call and vote ASAP!

Don't let this happen in San Diego!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Say No to Subway

At Sunday Evening's BET Award's, the known felon and dogfighter we Pit Bull lover's despise, was awarded the Subway Sportsmen of the Year Award. I am asking you to take your sub sandwich business else where to show Subway we will not be supporting them while they are supporting a dog murderer.

I have been reading all that I can about this issue and do believe that the awards were voted on by the people. However, Subway should have a say on this issue and should immediately retract this award. The only activity I have seen from Subway is them deleting the masses of comments that they are getting on their Facebook Page. 

If you'd like to sign the petition you can do so by clicking here.
You can also contact Subway by calling: 800-888-4848
You can also support this cause on Facebook at the No Way Subway Facebook Page!

Please, please, PLEASE, keep your comments respectable and professional. You may be angry but cursing and "yelling" will not be taken seriously. Thanks, everyone!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Don't Be A Pit Bully: Happy Birthday!

It has been nearly a year since I started this blog. June 27th marks the 1st Birthday of Don't Be A Pit Bully! A year ago, at this time, I was spending all my time with my, then, 7th month old pit bull and dealing with the stereotypes and negativity that pit bull owners experience. I wanted to somehow contribute something to help pit bulls get a better reputation and this blog was it. The blog started out with 7 viewers a day and a year later, it's at 100+ people a day. Don't Be A Pit Bully has been viewed 118 different countries by 16,000 people. I am truly humbled and to be honest, nearly in tears. Thank you all so very much for supporting me. I can never express how thankful I truly am.

Addie says, "Thank You for reading my Mom's blog!"

Friday, June 10, 2011

I Love Pit Bulls: Video

This youtube video has been circulating through the world wide web and I just saw it today. It's Debbie and she talks about her love for cats! Make sure you watch this video before you watch my video!

Now that you have seen that video, I thought I would do my own version, but with Pit Bulls.


P.S. That is my sister laughing in the background.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Don't Be a Pit Bully: QR Code

Don't Be A Pit Bully is getting with the technological times. We now have a QR code! It's not really too helpful to have this on the blog but I will find good use for it I'm sure! Do you have any good ideas for how I could use it?!

Summer Lovin': The Pit Bull Edition

A couple of posts back, I asked you to submit pictures of your Pitties doing their favorite summer activities. Unfortunately, I didn't get too many pics but thats okay since summer is just beginning! For now, I will post the pictures I have and if you want to participate send me some pictures! Either post them to the Don't Be A Pit Bully Facebook Page or email them to me at!

Some Pitties like swimming in the pool to keep cool!

While others play in the sprinkler.

Some even settle for the kiddie pool.

Or, like me, they like to hide out inside, in the air conditioning!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'd Like You to Meet...

It just so happens that the Don't Be A Pit Bully Facebook Page reached 300 likes the other day! In honor of that achievement I decided to ask the 300th "liker" if they'd let to participate in I'd Like You to Meet. Honestly, there isn't a better dog for this article. I would you to meet...

Bam Bigglesteen

Here's some info about Bam from Bam himself!

I am mostly Pit Bull (brindle colored) with some Labrador mixed in. When kids see me a lot of them say I look like a tiger because of my stripes. The "pit" makes me strong and the "lab" gives me height which is good for my owner. I am a pound puppy rescue who now is a medical alert service dog for my owner who has diabetes. I know when her sugar levels get out of whack before she does and I help to prevent problems related to high and or low blood sugar fluctutions. If she is unable to help herself I will bark and/or go get someone for assistance. When my red vest goes on I am all business. When I get home and take it off, I am pretty much a crazy dog just like anyone else. I have a little sister ("Puggle" pug and beagle mix) named Yoko. Now, thats one crazy dog!! Always on the go... We like to race around the house and play tug o' war with a big knotted nylon rope.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pittie Pick-Me-Up

I already posted this on the Don't Be A Pit Bully Facebook Page but I thought I would post it on the blog. 

Needless to say, I laughed really hard.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Sweet Summertime

SUMMERTIME IS FINALLY HERE! I am thrilled and I am sure all of you are as well. You know who else is thrilled? Our Pitties! I would like to post some pictures of your Pit Bulls doing their favorite summer activities so send me some pics! you can submit them on the Don't Be A Pit Bully Facebook Page or send them as an attachment in an email to Start sending those pictures!

Pit Bull Haters: What You Don't Know

People who aren't Pittie lovers like ourselves think they know Pit Bulls. They read in the news about how they're baby-eating, dog fighting monsters and that's all they know. Well, this post is dedicated to those people. Here's what you guys don't know...

  • Pit Bulls are the biggest cuddlers. There isn't a moment while I'm on the couch that my pit bull, Addie, isn't right next to me or on top of me. If she sleeps with me, she is not at my feet, rather, on my feet. I hear the same about other Pit Bulls as well. They like being as close as possible.
  • Most Pit Bulls don't hate other dogs. The Pit Bulls I know and love thrive around other dogs. You can see the joy in their eyes, I'm tellin' ya.
  • Most dogs wag their tales when they're meeting someone new. Not Pit Bulls. Their tails wag so hard that they start doing something us Pittie lovers like to call the butt/body wiggle. They literally wiggle their bodies with excitement. 
  • They are very intelligent. My Pit Bull kisses on demand.
  • Pit Bulls are not killers. The ones you read about have not been cared for properly by their owners. When they get the love and affection they deserve, they are great dogs and there are thousands of examples to prove that. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Michael Vick, Mel, and The Key to Dallas

I don't know if you remember, but awhile back I posted an entry with a youtube video showing some behind-the-scenes Michael Vick statements. This was after he was presented the key to the city of Dallas. We were all outraged about about that but were even more outraged when we saw him on the video saying he didn't care about the dogs he fought and killed.

Included below is an article from The Dallas Morning News that I think you will enjoy! GO MEL! :)

Over the weekend, council member Angela Hunt surprised Richard Hunter by presenting him the John LaBella Award at an Eastlake Pet Orphanage banquet.
If you don't know Hunter, he is the owner of Mel, a black pitbull. Mel is in a good home now, but he started life as a bait dog in the Bad Newz kennel run by Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.
During the presentation, Hunt had some choice words for Mayor Dwaine Caraway, who presented Vick - a felon who abused and killed dogs in his kennel - with a key to the city of Dallas.
"One of my colleagues in the city of Dallas showed a grave lapse in judgment by awarding the highest honor our city can bestow - our key to the city - on someone who was entirely undeserving and someone who has shown serious cruelty and inhumanity," she said.
Hunt then awarded Mel with an edible key to the city.
To be clear, Mel does not have a criminal record.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

KG Dogfighting App

To be honest, I am quite frankly SHOCKED that the android market has not removed the application previously known as Dog Wars. The name has since been changed to KG Dogfighting. I don't care what they call it, it is still despicable. Not only has the name changed but the price has too. Instead of being free the app is now 2.99 to download. I would think that in these terrible economic times, people would have a better usage for three bucks.

Let me get back to the fact that I am absolutely shocked that this game is still available for download. I headed on over to the Android page myself and searched their policies. This is what they have to say...
Illegal Activities
Android Market should not be used for unlawful purposes or for promotion of dangerous and illegal activities. If found engaging in such activity, we may deny access to Android Market, terminate your account, notify law enforcement authorities, or take other appropriate action.
The last time I checked, this game promotes dog fighting. The last time I checked, dog fighting is ILLEGAL. Why are they not taking care of this? It's baffling to me. I have gone back to report the app everyday and you all should too. I will not stop until this disgrace of a game is GONE. I hope you will all do the same!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

USA Today Notices Pittie Ambassadors

Finally! Someone has noticed the people who are trying their hardest to change the names of Pit Bulls. The USA Today posted an article today featuring many Pit Bull organizations and even my Chicago friends, Two Pitties in the City.

Please read the article by clicking here!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Michael Vick Speaks Up About Dog Wars

If you're a Pittie lover like me you are probably less than thrilled about the application Dog Wars that is being sold in the Android Market.

Apparently, if you're an ex-dogfighter, you are also less than thrilled about it. Michael Vick has released a statement about the game...
 “I’ve come to learn the hard way that dogfighting is a dead-end street.  Now, I am on the right side of this issue, and I think it’s important to send the smart message to kids, and not glorify this form of animal cruelty, even in an Android app.”
I keep reading the statement over and over again trying to figure out what my opinion is on it. Truth is, I can't decide. On one side, I suppose it is a good thing because the people who look up to him for dog fighting may take a step back and think about what they're doing. On the other side, I wonder if he really means it. It is apparent that when this youtube video was shot he didn't care one bit about what he had done. I just don't know...

What do you think?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pittie Pick-Me-Up

Need a good laugh? Yeah, me too. Nothing can make me laugh more than some LOLPitbull pictures...


Friday, April 22, 2011

Dog Wars: Raise Your Dog to Beat the Best- A Review of the Horrifying Android Application

Lovely photo, huh? 

Today I was notified of this appalling application from the Android market entitled Dog Wars. I have an iPhone so I stole my boyfriend's android phone and downloaded the app. Not only is this a horrible concept for an application, it is just plain stupid.

It seems like every person that is promoting this lame excuse for a game are comparing it to the very popular and successful game called Angry Birds. This is probably the most moronic comparison I have EVER heard. Dog Fighting is a real live issue in the world today. Ask Michael Vick.  Let me ask you, when is the last time you picked up a bird and launched it at a pig? I'm guessing you haven't and in the slim chance that you have, drive your self on over here so I can personally punch you in the face.

Like I mentioned before, I actually downloaded the game. Without actually looking at it for myself, I would not be able to give a legitimate review of this game. Also I wanted to be able to give an accurate description of what actually happens in the game.

So let's get started...

The first step is to pick your character. Here are your choices..
The Icon: You've gone head to head with the hottest rappers in the game but still haven't blown up. Street cred turns gold records platinum and might be the missing link for your hip hop takeover. It's time to show the world how hood you really are...
So, in other words if you stick your dog into a pit with another dog and let them rip the flesh off of each other, you will make it big in the hip hop industry. What a great message to send, folks.

Next character is...
The Kid: Young, but a natural... and family-schooled in the game. Loyal and clean as a whistle, you've spent enough time in the shadows... known as "the kid", but you'll be "the man" on the streets. Stack some paper.
Next is...
The Hustler: Once a hustler, always a hustler... there's a million ways to get that cheddar - but the pits are your digs. After catching a case and serving three in the pen, you think you still got what it takes.
Now we have...
The Athlete (Michael Vick, anyone?): Growing up in the hood gave you the courage to become great on the grid iron. It also exposed you to some dark sports. Now that the days of scoring touchdowns are behind, you're looking for a thrill to fill the void.
Up next...
The Gangster: Tradition never graduates, and neither did you. Nearly a celebrity at the county jail, dogfighting is low key compared to your usual hood rat things.
Your sixth option is...
The Trainer: Most can't teach an old dog new tricks, but YOU can. With  bills piling up, it's time to get you back in the game. A good dog mixed with your training skills just might be your meal ticket.
And last, but not least...
The Politician: You've got enough dirt on local officials to almost get away with murder - and you live like it. The booze and women are just getting played out. Maybe it's time for a new hobby... and some new enemies.
Now let's meet the dogs...
The Athlete: Naturally healthy and strong, these dogs are real workhorses, but you'll have to make sure the stay aggressive in the pit/
The Bully: Big and stupid, these brutes can dominate by force alone, but they've got an appetite, and don't expect him to mind you without real training.
Off his Chain: Maniacs in the pit, there's no end to what these dogs will do to win.  When in shape, they are a force to be reckoned with... but don't expect them to stay healthy or make a real effort to learn.
Braveheart: Not the biggest or strongest dogs you can get, but they are born champions. Train and feed them regularly, and they could prove to be a real animal.
The Brains: With the proper training, it shouldn't take long to turn these natural learners into great fighters. But you'll have to really work with them to bring out that killer instinct.

After you have picked your character and your dog, you have to start training and feeding them.  The feeding options are water, dog food, premium food, and raw meat. And here are the descriptions on those items...
Dog Food $6 - Expired and tastes like crap,but it'll get the job done, right?
Premium Dog Food $10 - Best canned food on the market. - Filled with all of the right stuff.
Raw Steak $24 - Treat your dog like the champion it is, and give it a taste for blood. 
Other things you can purchase in the "store"...

  • First Aid Kit $21
  • Antibiotics $99
  • Steroid Shot $1,000
  • Steroid Cycle $5,000
  • Adrenaline Pen $10,000
  • Dog Whistle $20
  • Rope $50
  • Harness $100
  • Shock Collar $250
  • Several different types of tires at varying prices (for drag training)
  • Knife $50 The caption says: Protect yourself old school - cut a fool.
  • Several types of guns
  • Dog Tags
  • And for when you make the "big time" a Diamond Collar $10,000

 The training options include biting, dragging, and running.

After a little training and feeding you are ready to fight. You can now turn your status to ready to fight. Soon after, you'll get a request from someone for a fight. Then you have the option to say yes or in their terms, "bring it," or you can say no and "puss out."

As far as the actual fight goes, you take turns pushing an attack button with the other player and who ever has the stronger dog wins the fight.

There you have it, folks. That's the game.

Let me be honest with you, I am absolutely sick to my stomach right now. This game is absolutely repulsive. This not only shows dog fighting but it shows the "rewards" of dog fighting. It shows exactly how much money you can make from something as disgusting as this activity. I feel that it could be extremely influential in convincing some one to partake in this "sport."

Now this is what you need to do to stop this...
Please report the application by clicking here. The name of the application is Dog Wars and the developers are Kage Games LLC. You can also email

We can't let this game exist. Let's do our best to get rid of it forever.

Let my just say this, I am so happy that I am an iPhone user right about now.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Michael Vick: 'I Wouldn't Change Anything In My Life If I Could'

You know that feeling where you wish you could go back and change the most horrible thing you have ever done? Yeah? Well, Michael Vick doesn't. According to the Huffington Post, Michael Vick wouldn't change a thing. Here's what Vick has to say...
"I wouldn't change anything about my life if I could," he said. "As crazy as this may sound, going to prison really changed my life. I was able to go in and come out with a plan."
 Well, that is just wonderful, Mr. Vick.

Because you fought, killed, and ruined dogs lives you are now a "better person". It's very nice to hear that if you could back to that time where you and your pathetic little friends we're repeatedly SLAMMING that poor, innocent dog into the ground you wouldn't change it. Or perhaps when you were holding those poor dog's heads in buckets of water until they slowly stopped struggling, you wouldn't change that either.

You may think your a better man but in reality, you are just a selfish piece of scum like you always have been.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'd Like You to Meet...

Sorry for my lack of blogging. However, I have a  very special post to write today. This is the introduction to our new banner dog.

I'd like you to meet...

Kima Marie

Kima Marie didn't always have an easy life. She was abused and used to breed in her younger days. Someone discovered the horror she was going through and bought her from the owner. By this time she still wasn't spayed and had another litter of puppies. Eventually, this second owner had to give up Kima because they lost their home to foreclosure. This is when Kima moved to her current home with people who love Pit Bulls. At first, she was very sad but snapped out of it after about two weeks. She has lived with her current family for about a year now. According to her human mom; she is funny, loves everyone, and is good with the other family dogs. She's also a great snuggler and kisser (well she IS a pit bull after all) and she likes sitting on people! Her favorite hobbies include going for walks, swimming, and car rides. Not to mention she is ADORA-BULL! Check out the pictures below!

Thank you Kima Marie for being apart of the new banner! :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Are We All Just Like Michael Vick?

We all know what Michael Vick did to our beloved breed and we dislike/hate him for it. However, I just read an article that says that some of us may be more like Vick than we thought.

I would like you to read the article and give your opinions! 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Banner Contest

It is that time again to find a Pit Bull for the Don't Be a Pit Bully banner! Want your Pittie to be famous? All you have to do is send me your favorite picture of your Pit Bull. I am taking one picture per dog so make it a good one! You have until this Friday to submit your photos and you can do so either by email at or on the Don't Be a Pit Bully Facebook Page! Any questions? Feel free to email or leave a comment on this post!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Patrick the Pit Bull

It seems like dog abuse has been on the rise the past couple of weeks and poor little Patrick was a huge victim. If your active on Facebook or search daily about Pit Bulls you probably know Patrick's story. If not, don't worry, I will post it here.

The trash chute where Patrick was found.
Patrick is from Newark, New Jersey. His owner Kisha Curtis, also known, to me, as satan, left Patrick tied to a balcony railing and then left New Jersey for a week. Upon returning, she bagged him up like trash and threw him down 22-story trash chute. Patrick was found by maintenance on March 16th, severely emaciated and dehydrated, and barely clinging to life.

This link contains a picture of Patrick the day he was found. It is quite disturbing so please, view at your own risk.

Fortunately, Patrick's health is improving and you can follow his story on this site.
Also if you are on Facebook, join The Patrick Miracle!

Get better little Patrick, you are an inspiration.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

For Your Enjoyment

It has been reported that Katherine Heigl is nursing a Pit Bull, used as a bait dog, back to health. She has always been a favorite actress of mine (I am a die-hard Grey's Anatomy fan) and I'm thrilled to see her raising awareness and helping the Pitties!


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