Tuesday, January 25, 2011

21 Reasons Why We Love Pit Bulls

I have just read a plethora of bad comments about Pit Bulls. Now I am upset, frustrated and here to blog. I was going to go to sleep and do this post tomorrow, however, I am no longer tired. 

On the Don't Be a Pit Bully Facebook page I asked people to tell me why the love Pit Bulls. Not only did I have them tell me why in a written form but also in a visual form with a picture! So here we go: 21 reasons why we love Pit Bulls.

We love Pit Bulls because:

They like to be held no matter how much they weigh.

They'll dress up for you.

They know how to relax.


They love kittens just as much as we do.

They think they're lap dogs.

They'll go anywhere with you.

They are gentle.

They always have a smile on their faces.

They sleep like humans sometimes.

They smile in their sleep.

They're sensitive.

They make us laugh.

They bring sunshine to our lives.

They will sleep with their paws in the air.

They LOVE to cuddle.

They love each other.

They make friends.

They have character.

They are heroes.


We love Pit Bulls because they love you with all their heart.

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  1. Came to visit from the Blog Hop... GREAT photos. Gotta love those Pitties!


    K9 Coach



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