Thursday, January 6, 2011

Humane Society: On Team Vick

I have tried, really tried to be a forgiving person. However, I can't and won't forgive Michael Vick. We have all heard the hoo-rah concerning Michael Vick perhaps owning a dog again. I have found that most of my readers and the Pit Bull Facebook community all agree on the fact that Michael Vick should not be given the privilege of owning a dog...ever. It turns out there is a group that disagrees with us, a group that you would 100% expect to have the same opinion as us...The Humane Society of the United States. Wayne Pacelle, President of the HSUS, says that it could be a good thing if Vick could adopt a dog again after his rehabilitation process. I just don't agree with that. I can't do it. He killed dogs. So why should he get the ability to have them again. If it were humans he did this too he would be locked up for life but for some reason animals are not as important as humans. Why is that? They are living, breathing creatures who love us more than just about any one in our family. Just because they don't speak to us like we speak to each other doesn't mean they're less important than we are. Well, that's my opinion anyways.

This the way I see it. Let's take a teacher who has sexually assaulted a student. Not only do they have to pay for their punishment with jail time, they don't get to be exposed to students because they will NEVER be allowed to teach again. They lost their privileges. I think the same thing applies here. Michael Vick brutally killed dogs, so, he shouldn't be allowed to have one ever again. Isn't it enough that he is making millions of dollars in the NFL? I'm sure that eases the sting of not being able to have a dog. And let's take into account this wonderful season he is having. To me, it seems like just because he is doing well, people are forgiving him for what he has done. Case and point: President Obama. Sure, he paid his time but I can't forgive someone who has wrongfully and brutally killed another living creature. The worst part is he enjoyed watching these animals get hurt and killed. I can't forgive. I am sorry.

I don't think you're a bad person if you disagree with me. If you can forgive him then good for you. You're entitled to your own opinion...even if I don't agree with it.


  1. No, there's no way he should be allowed to have another dog. Any true animal lover would never have done what he did, and I don't believe a person can be "rehabilitated" to be kind to animals - you either are or you arent. The Humane Society of the US is wrong on this I think.

  2. Saying that Vick should be allowed to have any pet is like saying that a pedophile should be allowed to adopt a child. People who commit felony animal cruelty should not be allowed to have a pet again--ever!



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