Friday, January 21, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears and Pit Bulls, OH MY!

I stalk the internet reading about all things Pit Bull because I love them so much and I love writing about them so much. Like you all know, not everyone loves them as much as we do. In fact, they HATE them because they're "big and scary". Today I read an article where a man compared them to lions, tigers, and bears, you know those undomesticated animals that live in the wild and our zoos? Yes, them. I have heard people say things like this before, but today it really bothered me. I did a little research and below I have presented a  small portion of information on each of the animals so that you will easily be able to compare them.

See that big fluffy guy right there? That is a lion. You may have seen them in The Lion King, The Wizard of Oz, or on your last trip to Africa. 
Size: 4.5 to 6.5 Feet not including their tails which can be from 26.25 to 39.5 inches
Weight: 265 to 420 lbs
Needless to say, he won't be curling up on the couch with you anytime soon.

As a child you may have curled up next to one of these guys except it was a lot smaller and stuffed. I'm talking about bears, people. 
Size: 5 to 6ft tall
Weight:200-600 pounds
Speaking of which, good luck to the Chicago Bears this weekend. (I live in Chicago so I have to say that.)

That is a big kitty. 
Size: 10.75 feet...he's way taller than me, that's for sure.
Weight: 660 pounds
Unfortunately these guys are an endangered species which is what our Pit Bulls are going to be if we don't do something.

The Pit Bull.
Size: 18- 22 inches
Weight: 22- 100 pounds

It goes to say that maybe the people who say these things are exaggerating a bit much. I myself have never seen a 600 pound Pit Bull. Have you?

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