Monday, January 24, 2011

Texas Pit Bull Ban: Back in the News

Well, the Texas Pit Bull Ban is back in the news unfortunately. Our good friend (insert sarcasm here) Cynthia Stevens Kent is pushing for Pit Bulls to be banned in Texas. If this ban happens and you own a Pit Bull in the state of Texas, you will have committed a third-degree felony. Luckily in the latest article I have read, they say that the bill has a slim chance of passing. We also have a quote from Merritt Clifton saying that Puma's aren't adopted out as pet's and neither should Pit Bulls. I think I went over this before. I also have gone over the people you should contact in Texas to prevent this ban from happening. Reread this post to see that information. The moral of the story is, if we don't do our part in contacting these representatives, and the ban is put in place, hundreds of innocent Pit Bulls will be killed.


  1. omg, where is that photo from?? i am trying not to imagine my own pitties on top of that horrible pile :(

  2. Maybe there should be a ban on Cynthia Stephens Kent.

  3. There should be a freaking ban. I hate the dogs. My 7 year old nephew Tanner Monk was killed by 4 pit bulls in 2008. Its morally wrong to have the damn breed alive.

  4. No, its people like you we should ban hazelybeauty, people have died falling down stairs, crashing cars, does it mean we should ban them too?

    Stop this insanity.



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