Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No More Bad Newz at 1915 Moonlight Road

If you have read The Lost Dogs or know the Michael Vick dogfighting case you know that 1915 Moonlight Road in Surrey County Virginia was once a horrific place for Pit Bulls. It was the home of Bad News Kennels run by Michael Vick. This is where dogs were forced to live in horrific conditions and then we were forced to fight. The ones that didn't fight so well were committed to a disturbing death either by drowning, shooting, electrocuting, and for one dog, by being slammed into the ground many times.

Dogs Deserve Better is an organization looking to make the former Bad Newz Kennels into a good place. Their plan is to raise enough money to buy the property at 1915 Moonlight Road and build a sanctuary for dogs. They have since February 4th, 2011 45 days to collect $600,000 to start the center. That is, now, 40 days to collect donations to turn a place of bad newz into good newz.

More information about Dogs Deserve Better and their plans can be seen in this video.

Not only will they turn Vick's old property into a place of happiness for dogs, they are also going to have a memorial for all of the dogs that lived and/or died there.

Please donate and help this happen. I think this is a great cause. Click here to donate and here to "Like" their facebook page!

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