Monday, February 28, 2011

Pit Bulls and Dog Parks

As much as I love writing about Pit Bulls, I am NO expert. This is why I am writing today. My boyfriend wants to take our Pittie to the dog park but I being the compulsive pessimist that I am can only see a dog hating her excitement, fighting with her, and her being blamed and euthanized. Yeah, I am not very positive. My boyfriend is a little more carefree than me and think it will be fine. Addie gets VERY excited around other dogs. Some dogs liked her energy some other dogs (my cocker spaniel) HATED HER GUTS. I would like some advice from you all on this subject. You can comment on this post, email me at or comment on the Don't Be a Pit Bully facebook page! Thanks!


  1. Pit Bull Rescue Central advocates never taking pit bulls to dog parks for those reasons & others: (see this link on socializing your pit bull BUT, we take (and have taken) our two pit bulls to dog parks all the time- you just have to be ready to deal with people leaving or not entering because they see your dog is there and you have to carefully moniter your dog and know when to leave if things are heating up (your dog will give you and the other dog warning signs if he/she is not happy.) It is worth a try because it may be the best place for her! But if you find, like we did with one of our dogs, that she can get into fights even 5% of the time, it might not be worth it. Good luck!!

  2. I have a 3 year old female pit I take to the park everyday. I keep a good I on it but some times things happen. She has actually been attacked by other little dogs but has best friends she loves to play with too. I say give it a try and learn the dogs she likes that like her and learn the dogs to avoid. Your pit will thank u when she gets to run and have fun making friends..



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