Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'd Like You to Meet...


Bella is growing up so fast and turning into quite the little lady.  She loves my kids and her raw-hides.  Those are her 2 favorite things!  She also loves her daily walk (sometimes we take 2) and she walks on the leash like she's been doing it forever!  She was born October 26th, and we got her at exactly 6 weeks old.  She has quite a bit of her own story.

Bella was born blue.  Not like the pit color blue, but not breathing blue.  Bella's mom pushed her aside and wasn't cleaning or taking care of her.  My friend (who had the litter) took the baby and wrapped her in a warm towel and actually did mouth to mouth on her until she started breathing on her own.  She cleaned her face, made her go potty then placed her back with the litter.  Gracie rejected her again and my friend again wrapped her up in a towel and pinked her up again.  She was bottle fed until she was as fat as the others, then Gracie took her back and loved her ever since. She truly is a miracle puppy.  She was one of the smallest born and now she is one of the bigger ones.  She's bounced back like she was born healthy and perfect!  

Everyone we meet on our walks loves her.  Her vet loves her, said she was the sweetest puppy she had seen in a while.  She's our little Bella-Boo and she fits in perfectly.  And she is perfectly healthy now as well!  The lack of oxygen at birth did nothing to her mentally or physically.  She's my little trooper!

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