Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Are We All Just Like Michael Vick?

We all know what Michael Vick did to our beloved breed and we dislike/hate him for it. However, I just read an article that says that some of us may be more like Vick than we thought.

I would like you to read the article and give your opinions! 

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  1. I didn't have to read it in it's entirety to know exactly where the author was headed with his point. And I agree completely with him. Many people do not think about the animals outside of cats, dogs, "pets". There is a schizophrenic disconnect in so many people that no one finds it strange or abhorrent. 1% of the population is vegan because we've decided to acknowledge that there is NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A COW AND A DOG without relying entirely on speciesist thinking.

    1) I am vegan, so perhaps I'm biased.
    2) I was stoked to find this on your blog. I hope it makes you think and whomever else happens upon it seriously contemplate their choices.
    3) I love Francione - the author. He's one of the most prominent vegan speakers/writers of our time and by far the most extreme. I wrote about his take on the institution of "Pets" a while back and I invite you to read that and many other things on his own website/blog -



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