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Dog Wars: Raise Your Dog to Beat the Best- A Review of the Horrifying Android Application

Lovely photo, huh? 

Today I was notified of this appalling application from the Android market entitled Dog Wars. I have an iPhone so I stole my boyfriend's android phone and downloaded the app. Not only is this a horrible concept for an application, it is just plain stupid.

It seems like every person that is promoting this lame excuse for a game are comparing it to the very popular and successful game called Angry Birds. This is probably the most moronic comparison I have EVER heard. Dog Fighting is a real live issue in the world today. Ask Michael Vick.  Let me ask you, when is the last time you picked up a bird and launched it at a pig? I'm guessing you haven't and in the slim chance that you have, drive your self on over here so I can personally punch you in the face.

Like I mentioned before, I actually downloaded the game. Without actually looking at it for myself, I would not be able to give a legitimate review of this game. Also I wanted to be able to give an accurate description of what actually happens in the game.

So let's get started...

The first step is to pick your character. Here are your choices..
The Icon: You've gone head to head with the hottest rappers in the game but still haven't blown up. Street cred turns gold records platinum and might be the missing link for your hip hop takeover. It's time to show the world how hood you really are...
So, in other words if you stick your dog into a pit with another dog and let them rip the flesh off of each other, you will make it big in the hip hop industry. What a great message to send, folks.

Next character is...
The Kid: Young, but a natural... and family-schooled in the game. Loyal and clean as a whistle, you've spent enough time in the shadows... known as "the kid", but you'll be "the man" on the streets. Stack some paper.
Next is...
The Hustler: Once a hustler, always a hustler... there's a million ways to get that cheddar - but the pits are your digs. After catching a case and serving three in the pen, you think you still got what it takes.
Now we have...
The Athlete (Michael Vick, anyone?): Growing up in the hood gave you the courage to become great on the grid iron. It also exposed you to some dark sports. Now that the days of scoring touchdowns are behind, you're looking for a thrill to fill the void.
Up next...
The Gangster: Tradition never graduates, and neither did you. Nearly a celebrity at the county jail, dogfighting is low key compared to your usual hood rat things.
Your sixth option is...
The Trainer: Most can't teach an old dog new tricks, but YOU can. With  bills piling up, it's time to get you back in the game. A good dog mixed with your training skills just might be your meal ticket.
And last, but not least...
The Politician: You've got enough dirt on local officials to almost get away with murder - and you live like it. The booze and women are just getting played out. Maybe it's time for a new hobby... and some new enemies.
Now let's meet the dogs...
The Athlete: Naturally healthy and strong, these dogs are real workhorses, but you'll have to make sure the stay aggressive in the pit/
The Bully: Big and stupid, these brutes can dominate by force alone, but they've got an appetite, and don't expect him to mind you without real training.
Off his Chain: Maniacs in the pit, there's no end to what these dogs will do to win.  When in shape, they are a force to be reckoned with... but don't expect them to stay healthy or make a real effort to learn.
Braveheart: Not the biggest or strongest dogs you can get, but they are born champions. Train and feed them regularly, and they could prove to be a real animal.
The Brains: With the proper training, it shouldn't take long to turn these natural learners into great fighters. But you'll have to really work with them to bring out that killer instinct.

After you have picked your character and your dog, you have to start training and feeding them.  The feeding options are water, dog food, premium food, and raw meat. And here are the descriptions on those items...
Dog Food $6 - Expired and tastes like crap,but it'll get the job done, right?
Premium Dog Food $10 - Best canned food on the market. - Filled with all of the right stuff.
Raw Steak $24 - Treat your dog like the champion it is, and give it a taste for blood. 
Other things you can purchase in the "store"...

  • First Aid Kit $21
  • Antibiotics $99
  • Steroid Shot $1,000
  • Steroid Cycle $5,000
  • Adrenaline Pen $10,000
  • Dog Whistle $20
  • Rope $50
  • Harness $100
  • Shock Collar $250
  • Several different types of tires at varying prices (for drag training)
  • Knife $50 The caption says: Protect yourself old school - cut a fool.
  • Several types of guns
  • Dog Tags
  • And for when you make the "big time" a Diamond Collar $10,000

 The training options include biting, dragging, and running.

After a little training and feeding you are ready to fight. You can now turn your status to ready to fight. Soon after, you'll get a request from someone for a fight. Then you have the option to say yes or in their terms, "bring it," or you can say no and "puss out."

As far as the actual fight goes, you take turns pushing an attack button with the other player and who ever has the stronger dog wins the fight.

There you have it, folks. That's the game.

Let me be honest with you, I am absolutely sick to my stomach right now. This game is absolutely repulsive. This not only shows dog fighting but it shows the "rewards" of dog fighting. It shows exactly how much money you can make from something as disgusting as this activity. I feel that it could be extremely influential in convincing some one to partake in this "sport."

Now this is what you need to do to stop this...
Please report the application by clicking here. The name of the application is Dog Wars and the developers are Kage Games LLC. You can also email

We can't let this game exist. Let's do our best to get rid of it forever.

Let my just say this, I am so happy that I am an iPhone user right about now.


  1. I heard about this as well and was absolutely appalled.

    I've reported the game. Hopefully all the Pittie supporters will rally together to put an end to it, asap. I don't think anyone realizes how much things like this influence people to take certain actions... it's just disgusting.

  2. Reported, and with permission, I'd like to re-post your review on my blog as well. This is horrible.

  3. Kresaera, go ahead! I don't mind at all.

  4. Shared!! Thank for support!! Please, tell your friends to like our page and our event!! There u can find the link to the pettition!!



  5. Complaint sent and petition shared etc... I live in the UK so Pit Bulls are banned here but I have a Staffy x Vizla who came from Battersea Dog's Home and was on their death list (he was listed as a problem dog) and shows signs of having been used as a bait dog by sub-human scum who think dog fighting is cool. He is the best behaved most loving and loyal dog I have ever rescued and a total softy which is obviously why they dumped him because he wouldn't have the right stuff to be bred from and he wouldn't retaliate as a bait dog. If I could get hold of the people who were cruel to him I would definitely make them wish they hadn't been born and the same sort of treatment would be reserved for the moron who created the game and the sick idiots who buy and play the game (not you of course because you did it so you could let us know how bad it is).

  6. I am so glad you played this stupid game and told us all about it-- I reported it as well- hoping it will be removed. Thanks so much!!!

  7. Anyone who thinks it is the dog’s fault why he fights, bites, or would attack anything else is WRONG. It is the OWNERS FAULT. I have owned my pitbull for almost 3 years now and not once has he attacked another dog hurt another person or has done anything wrong. It is because he was LOVED and taught the proper ways of being a DOG!! Everybody has their opinions that pitbulls are "dangerous" dogs well take a look at their owners before you point the finger at any innocent creature who is only doing as there master has taught them! That dog is ONLY trying to be loyal to his master because he thinks that’s proper. Instead THEY get put to sleep and tortured for NO REASON! Anyone that has met my dog has now fallen in love with pitbulls because they see he is the sweetest most loyal dog. What kind of dangerous dog would curl up with you when you are feeling sick? Have to sleep right next to you because he wants to be cuddled? Lay his head on his MOM when he has had a long day of playing with OTHER DOGS AND PEOPLE. Think before you judge, because you should be judging the owners. What happens to the owners?? THEY GET A NEW DOG AND START THE HORRIFIC TORTURED AGAIN!!!


  8. i love dogs,they r the best pets a human can hav.. lets keep this simple n sound fun can be negotiated wen life is in baaar this game.



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