Friday, May 13, 2011

Michael Vick, Mel, and The Key to Dallas

I don't know if you remember, but awhile back I posted an entry with a youtube video showing some behind-the-scenes Michael Vick statements. This was after he was presented the key to the city of Dallas. We were all outraged about about that but were even more outraged when we saw him on the video saying he didn't care about the dogs he fought and killed.

Included below is an article from The Dallas Morning News that I think you will enjoy! GO MEL! :)

Over the weekend, council member Angela Hunt surprised Richard Hunter by presenting him the John LaBella Award at an Eastlake Pet Orphanage banquet.
If you don't know Hunter, he is the owner of Mel, a black pitbull. Mel is in a good home now, but he started life as a bait dog in the Bad Newz kennel run by Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.
During the presentation, Hunt had some choice words for Mayor Dwaine Caraway, who presented Vick - a felon who abused and killed dogs in his kennel - with a key to the city of Dallas.
"One of my colleagues in the city of Dallas showed a grave lapse in judgment by awarding the highest honor our city can bestow - our key to the city - on someone who was entirely undeserving and someone who has shown serious cruelty and inhumanity," she said.
Hunt then awarded Mel with an edible key to the city.
To be clear, Mel does not have a criminal record.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

KG Dogfighting App

To be honest, I am quite frankly SHOCKED that the android market has not removed the application previously known as Dog Wars. The name has since been changed to KG Dogfighting. I don't care what they call it, it is still despicable. Not only has the name changed but the price has too. Instead of being free the app is now 2.99 to download. I would think that in these terrible economic times, people would have a better usage for three bucks.

Let me get back to the fact that I am absolutely shocked that this game is still available for download. I headed on over to the Android page myself and searched their policies. This is what they have to say...
Illegal Activities
Android Market should not be used for unlawful purposes or for promotion of dangerous and illegal activities. If found engaging in such activity, we may deny access to Android Market, terminate your account, notify law enforcement authorities, or take other appropriate action.
The last time I checked, this game promotes dog fighting. The last time I checked, dog fighting is ILLEGAL. Why are they not taking care of this? It's baffling to me. I have gone back to report the app everyday and you all should too. I will not stop until this disgrace of a game is GONE. I hope you will all do the same!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

USA Today Notices Pittie Ambassadors

Finally! Someone has noticed the people who are trying their hardest to change the names of Pit Bulls. The USA Today posted an article today featuring many Pit Bull organizations and even my Chicago friends, Two Pitties in the City.

Please read the article by clicking here!


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