Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'd Like You to Meet...

It just so happens that the Don't Be A Pit Bully Facebook Page reached 300 likes the other day! In honor of that achievement I decided to ask the 300th "liker" if they'd let to participate in I'd Like You to Meet. Honestly, there isn't a better dog for this article. I would you to meet...

Bam Bigglesteen

Here's some info about Bam from Bam himself!

I am mostly Pit Bull (brindle colored) with some Labrador mixed in. When kids see me a lot of them say I look like a tiger because of my stripes. The "pit" makes me strong and the "lab" gives me height which is good for my owner. I am a pound puppy rescue who now is a medical alert service dog for my owner who has diabetes. I know when her sugar levels get out of whack before she does and I help to prevent problems related to high and or low blood sugar fluctutions. If she is unable to help herself I will bark and/or go get someone for assistance. When my red vest goes on I am all business. When I get home and take it off, I am pretty much a crazy dog just like anyone else. I have a little sister ("Puggle" pug and beagle mix) named Yoko. Now, thats one crazy dog!! Always on the go... We like to race around the house and play tug o' war with a big knotted nylon rope.



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