Friday, June 3, 2011

Pit Bull Haters: What You Don't Know

People who aren't Pittie lovers like ourselves think they know Pit Bulls. They read in the news about how they're baby-eating, dog fighting monsters and that's all they know. Well, this post is dedicated to those people. Here's what you guys don't know...

  • Pit Bulls are the biggest cuddlers. There isn't a moment while I'm on the couch that my pit bull, Addie, isn't right next to me or on top of me. If she sleeps with me, she is not at my feet, rather, on my feet. I hear the same about other Pit Bulls as well. They like being as close as possible.
  • Most Pit Bulls don't hate other dogs. The Pit Bulls I know and love thrive around other dogs. You can see the joy in their eyes, I'm tellin' ya.
  • Most dogs wag their tales when they're meeting someone new. Not Pit Bulls. Their tails wag so hard that they start doing something us Pittie lovers like to call the butt/body wiggle. They literally wiggle their bodies with excitement. 
  • They are very intelligent. My Pit Bull kisses on demand.
  • Pit Bulls are not killers. The ones you read about have not been cared for properly by their owners. When they get the love and affection they deserve, they are great dogs and there are thousands of examples to prove that. 


  1. Awesome way to spread the pittie love!! Definitely sharing the post! BTW, when I come home from work, my Titan does that "wiggle" I call it his pee-pee dance. It so cracks me up. Starts with his butt and works his way up! :) I gotta video it sometime! :)

  2. wonderful! thanks for this!



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