Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Purchase (ADORABLE) Jewelry and Help Raise Money for Pit Bulls in Need

Aren't those the cutest necklaces you have ever seen? These beautiful pieces of jewelry are a part of the Animal Lover's Collection by Kristi at KR Designs. If you purchase one or more items (which you should) from this collection, normally 10% of the proceeds are donated to various animal rescue groups and shelters. However, through August 27th, Kristi is donating 30%, and this what it will be going towards.

Meet Dozer, an adorable Pit Bull who has been through the worst. Below is his story which I copied from his Facebook Page.

Dozer's story is a horrible one. I can't believe that this poor guy has survived this long.

Dozer was just rescued this week from an abusive household. The story about what happened isn't totally clear but from what we can gather, the husband's form of discipline was to repeatedly kick Dozer over and over on a regular basis. One night, the husband went to hit his wife and Dozer went after him and bit his ankle. Infuriated, the husband grabbed his gun and shot Dozer.

Dozer was able to run to the neighbor's house and hide under her porch. When the husband came out to shoot him again, the 80 year woman that lived in the house came out with a broom and warned that if he touched Dozer then he would have to deal with her.

Even though the elderly woman was initially afraid of Dozer, she protected him for days. Dozer sat under her porch, untreated, for 5 days.

During this time, Dozer repeatedly scratched at his gunshot wound. His wound is now 8 inches long, 4 inches wide and has a depth of 1 inch.

Currently, Dozer is being housed at a grooming facility and we are working to get him to Chicago so that he can get the intensive medical care that he needs.

At this point, Dozer already has a fever of over 103 degrees and he is only receiving oral antibiotics and pain pills. He needs x-rays, surgery, IV antibiotics, IV pain medications, heartworm testing and possibly treatment when he is strong enough, vaccinations, neutered, hospitalization, etc.  

To see Dozer's injury please click the link. WARNING: It is graphic and may be disturbing to some individuals.

Now meet adorable Pit Bull siblings that have also been through a terrible time.

Lady Jane and Sir John

Again, I have copied and pasted their story from their Facebook Page.

SIR JOHN & LADY JANE were found together in a dark, dirty stairwell of a Queens apt. building.
They were so weak they had to be carried to the Animal Care & Control van that took them to the city shelter. There they laid, waiting in cages, where it was too difficult for them to even lift their heads to eat. Still, their gentle nature was apparent and word got out about the starved brother sister 
duo in crisis. AmsterDog Rescue took them in under their wing and rushed them to Animal Specialty Center of Yonkers to try and save their lives. At first, the doctors were looking for an intestinal abnormality, not believing that any human would be capable of doing this to any living being. But it was the horrible truth--Jane & John had been almost starved to death.
No one knows yet who did this, but evidence is being gathered and we will push for punishment to the fullest extent of the law.

Jane has had the most issues, and was barely clinging to life when she came in. Her levels were so severely abnormal, she needed a blood transfusion, and she is still in Intensive Care where she fights for her life.
Her doctors are in consult with the same doctors who treated
Patrick of Patrick's Miracle.
John is stronger and he has responded well to the IV treatments and feeding tube and he will most likely be able to go to an experienced foster home soon where he can be nursed back to health.
The road is not going be an easy one for either of them, but both have made it clear that they wholeheartedly want to take on this JOURNEY, and so do we! Here's to Sir John and Lady Jane's Journey!!

As you can see, these babies NEED help. Please consider traveling over to Kristi's website and checking out some of her jewelry. Remember, 30% of the proceeds will be going to help these Pitties in need!

To view Kristi's designs click the link!

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