Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another Vicktory Dog Finds a Home

Little Red passed her CGC and has a home. What a touching video! Good job, Little Red!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Pit Bull Owner’s Guide to Arthritis Prevention : A Guest Post from VetDepot

Welcome to October everyone! Did you know October is Pit Bull Awareness and Appreciation month? We're going to start things off here at Don't Be a Pit Bully with a guest post from VetDepot! VetDepot is an online pet medication and supply retailer committed to selling only U.S. EPA/FDA approved products at  wholesale prices- making responsible pet care more affordable. Please visit them at You can also follow them on Twitter at or 'Like' them on Facebook at!
A Pit Bull Owner’s Guide to Arthritis Prevention  
If you’ve ever owned a pit bull, you are surely familiar with that big pittie smile, their uncontrollable wagging tail and theirenergetic nature. Many pit bulls are more than happy to be a running partner or participate in a game of fetch. While it’s good to make sure your sweet pooch gets plenty of exercise, it’s also important to be aware that their active nature puts bully breeds at an elevated risk for joint problems.
Arthritis simply defined is the inflammation of the joints. Dogs affected by arthritis experience pain accompanied by stiffness and a reduction in mobility. A variety of variables can contribute to the onset of arthritis including genetic defects, strenuous exercise and traumatic injuries. Although genetics plays a big role in some forms of canine arthritis (i.e. hip dysplasia), there are still some things pit bull parents can do to keep their lovable companion’s joints as healthy as possible:
•Keep Exercise Off Road: Hard surfaces such as asphalt and concrete are tough on canine joints. Keep as much activity as possible on softer surfaces like grass or dirt to reduce impact and lessen joint stress.   
•Warm Up and Cool Down: Just like people, dogs need a few minutes of walking before and after running to keep those doggy joints warm and flexible. Also, keep in mind that excessive exercise can be tough on canine joints.  So while regular exercise is important, keep play and exercise sessions light and fun for your pooch to avoid joint damage.
•Keep Fido at a Healthy Weight: Obesity leads to many serious canine health conditions. A few extra puppy pounds can exert a lot of unnecessary pressure down on your pet’s joints. Consult with your veterinarian regarding a healthy diet plan and make an appropriate exercise routine a priority.
•Start a Joint Supplement Regimen: Nutritional supplements that contain glucosamine and chondroitin are an easy way to support your dog’s joint health. 
By keeping these few tips in mind, owners can minimize their dog’s chances of experiencing pain associated with arthritis.

I'd like to say thank you to VetDepot for writing this article for the blog! I hope this is something that can happen regularly. If anyone has any specific bully breed health questions, you can send them to me at and, hopefully, we can have more posts like this in the near future!


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