Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Urban Bitch Article

As an advocate for Pit Bulls, not a day goes by that I don't read some ignorantly written article about Pit Bulls. Today was no different.

Click photo to enlarge article.

As I am scrolling through articles I find one that catches my eye. That is the article above. If you've been reading Don't Be A Pit Bully for a while, it may have caught your eye too. That's because that dog in that header is MY dog. That photo is a picture I took of Addie over the summer and here it is, slapped on an absolutely ridiculous article about Pit Bulls. 

Click photo to enlarge.

I've attached my original photo so that you can compare. It's obviously the same photo. I would even put my life on it. 

Not only is the article poorly researched and filled with hypocrisy, Addie's face is attached to it. It's infuriating.

I will be writing to the editor not only about the usage of my photo but also about the ridiculousness of the article. If you'd like to do the same please contact:

Martinus Geleynese, Publisher and Editor UrbanCity

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'd Like You to Meet

This is probably one of my favorite parts about writing this blog. I love having you all send in your Pit Bull's stories and photos. I truly think that this is a great way to introduce the world to real Pit Bulls and not just the ones they hear about in the media. 

So without further ado, I'd like you to meet...


Let's here about Moose from his owner!
I have two wonderful pittys named Diesel and Moose. But I would like to share Moose's story with everyone. I got Moose in August 2010 and I got him LESS than 48 hours before he was to be euthanized...just for being a pit. They figured that because he has scars no one would want to adopt him. But I did. It was a random chance I took after seeing an ad on craigslist for another pitty facing the same fate but another family was already saving him. So the lady trying to get him out of this ordeal asked if i would be interested in rescuing another dog and I, of course, said sure. I drove 5 hours to pick him up having never met him or seen him other than in a picture, but the second he got in my car and sat down in the backseat, it was a done deal. He was my new buddy and there was no turning back. 

In his past life he had been chained up outside, beaten and left there until his "owner" decided she no longer wanted him around and and actually asked her vet to euthanize him just because she didnt want him anymore. It hurt me so badly to hear that someone could be so cruel. But today all he has are the physical scars, other than that he is the most loyal, gentle, friendly, and loving dog you will ever meet. His favorite pastime is playing with his other two legged best friend, my best friends 2 year old son. Whoever said pits dont belong in families is SERIOUSLY mistaken. Moose was just about to turn 4 when I got him, and he turned 5 this past september. I was originally going to just foster him to get him off the euthanasia list but I honestly couldnt see myself without that big lovable beast. I dont know what it is about pits, but once they get your heart...they leave a paw print there forever. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sharks Labeled as Pit Bulls of the Ocean

This amounts to a whole new level of stupidity that I am not even sure I can handle it. 
They compared a SHARK to a Pit Bull.

Last time I checked, sharks did not crawl into bed and cuddle with you. Nor do they lick your face. Let's not forget the fact that sharks can reach 5000 lbs and our little Pit Bulls reach up to 70.

I wish I had more to say but I am legitimately speechless.

Here is the link to article in which I found this ridiculous statement.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Reunion Rescue: Buy a Book, Build a Shelter

I think this a great cause and everyone should consider helping them out!

Reunion Rescue has a dream. We are raising money to build a no kill shelter.

This shelter will be like no other shelter. All dogs will be welcome…old, sick, young, pit bull and non pit bull. There will be no breed discrimination at our shelter.

Reunion Rescue has been rescuing California pit bulls and other animals across the US for over 13 years. Many times, we’ve been overdrawn at the bank, but still found a way to save that dog (or cat or small animal).

The story of Reunion Rescue is told in “Pit Bull Nation,” a tell all book about what really goes on when the shelter doors slam shut. All proceeds from sales of this book go toward saving animals. Our dream is to put the words on the paper in action…grand action and your purchase of “Pit Bull Nation” puts us one step closer. Every book sold goes toward saving dogs and building a no kill shelter.

Reunion Rescue has a plan. We want to create a safe haven for dogs on death row where they will undergo the Reunion Rescue detox and rehab plan and get them ready for that forever home.

Our refuge will house:
1. a holistic space where our secrets can help other animal lovers
2. a training facility
3. a doggy day care and boarding kennel
4. a self-operated dog wash
5. a refuge for previously unwanted dogs

Please help us realize this dream by contributing and crossposting.

We yearn for the day when no dog is left behind to hear the slam of that shelter door.

Please check out our Facebook page to keep up with progress and see your dollars at work. Join us!

To buy the book, click the link

The Pit Bull's Dream

2012: New Year, New Posts

I know I haven't been around in two months and I pretty much broke my promise of returning to the blog. I mostly have just been incredibly busy. I really do want to make this blog a part of my regular routine again. It will be my goal to write at least one entry a week. I hope this is good news for all of you and I look forward to writing again.

In my efforts to get started with blogging again, I would love to feature one of your Pit Bulls in an entry of I'd Like You to Meet! It's my way of introducing the individuals of the internet to real Pit Bulls, not just the ones you hear about on the news. To see examples of what these posts are like, click here. If you'd like your Pittie to be featured email me at dontbeapitbully@gmail.com!

I will leave you all with this wonderful video of Rufus the therapy dog. The only thing that makes me more happy than Pit Bulls is seeing Pit Bulls make other people happy. ENJOY!


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