Monday, January 16, 2012

2012: New Year, New Posts

I know I haven't been around in two months and I pretty much broke my promise of returning to the blog. I mostly have just been incredibly busy. I really do want to make this blog a part of my regular routine again. It will be my goal to write at least one entry a week. I hope this is good news for all of you and I look forward to writing again.

In my efforts to get started with blogging again, I would love to feature one of your Pit Bulls in an entry of I'd Like You to Meet! It's my way of introducing the individuals of the internet to real Pit Bulls, not just the ones you hear about on the news. To see examples of what these posts are like, click here. If you'd like your Pittie to be featured email me at!

I will leave you all with this wonderful video of Rufus the therapy dog. The only thing that makes me more happy than Pit Bulls is seeing Pit Bulls make other people happy. ENJOY!

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