Monday, January 16, 2012

Reunion Rescue: Buy a Book, Build a Shelter

I think this a great cause and everyone should consider helping them out!

Reunion Rescue has a dream. We are raising money to build a no kill shelter.

This shelter will be like no other shelter. All dogs will be welcome…old, sick, young, pit bull and non pit bull. There will be no breed discrimination at our shelter.

Reunion Rescue has been rescuing California pit bulls and other animals across the US for over 13 years. Many times, we’ve been overdrawn at the bank, but still found a way to save that dog (or cat or small animal).

The story of Reunion Rescue is told in “Pit Bull Nation,” a tell all book about what really goes on when the shelter doors slam shut. All proceeds from sales of this book go toward saving animals. Our dream is to put the words on the paper in action…grand action and your purchase of “Pit Bull Nation” puts us one step closer. Every book sold goes toward saving dogs and building a no kill shelter.

Reunion Rescue has a plan. We want to create a safe haven for dogs on death row where they will undergo the Reunion Rescue detox and rehab plan and get them ready for that forever home.

Our refuge will house:
1. a holistic space where our secrets can help other animal lovers
2. a training facility
3. a doggy day care and boarding kennel
4. a self-operated dog wash
5. a refuge for previously unwanted dogs

Please help us realize this dream by contributing and crossposting.

We yearn for the day when no dog is left behind to hear the slam of that shelter door.

Please check out our Facebook page to keep up with progress and see your dollars at work. Join us!

To buy the book, click the link

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