Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sharks Labeled as Pit Bulls of the Ocean

This amounts to a whole new level of stupidity that I am not even sure I can handle it. 
They compared a SHARK to a Pit Bull.

Last time I checked, sharks did not crawl into bed and cuddle with you. Nor do they lick your face. Let's not forget the fact that sharks can reach 5000 lbs and our little Pit Bulls reach up to 70.

I wish I had more to say but I am legitimately speechless.

Here is the link to article in which I found this ridiculous statement.

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  1. Also sharks only do what they were created to do. Hunt in the ocean. If you dont want to be hunted dont get in the ocean.
    As far as the comparison it is ridiculous. One of my best friends has a pitbull and she wouldnt harm a flea. She doesnt even jump on people. She is content to be petted and lay in the sun. She doesnt even bark when she goes outside which is more than I can say for my loud Boxer's. ;)



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