Friday, May 25, 2012

I'd Like You to Meet

Hello everyone! Sorry that I have been gone for awhile. I am now done with school so hopefully I can get back to blogging! 

And now, I'd Like You to Meet

Ruca (August 4, 2009 - April 16, 2012)

Unfortunately Ruca is no longer with us but that is no excuse to not get to know her.
According to Ruca's human dad, David, she was a sweet, loving dog. "She was the biggest sweetheart..." he said of Ruca. He also said she was the smartest and very loyal. Like most of our Pitties she was there in the morning and the evening to offer kisses. In her honer David has started R.U.C.A. – Responsibility, Understanding, Caring, Admiration of Pit Bulls to defend the rights of dogs like her. As you can imagine she is missed very much. Take the time today, if you can, to think of Ruca and her owner. David, I know Ruca is proud of you. Thank you very much for sharing her with us.


  1. Aww she's so cute. So sad she passed at such a young age. Any idea what happened?

  2. @Brenda - She had been sluggish for a few days but I just thought she had allergies like she often did & then snapped out of it. Finally I decided that I wasn't going to take any chances & took her to the vet. The vet ran blood tests & found out my poor Ruca wasn't producing red blood cells like she should. Most dogs have 37%-55% red blood cells in their blood work and at 20% they recommend blood transfusions - at 10% the chances of the blood transfusions working isn't very good and poor Ruca had only 3.7% red blood cells. Plus her white blood cells were dangerously low & her blood platelets were low. The vet told me that I could try blood transfusion but the prognosis wasn't very good of her surviving even after numerous blood transfusions and thousands of dollars. Now if they would have said she would have survived then I don't care how much it cost but the stress that she would be going through & the pain she would be in, I just couldn't see her suffer. So I made the most difficult decision of my life & had her euthanized so she wouldn't suffer - now I suffer & feel guilty every day. I miss my little buddy so much, she was my best friend and like my child. Anyways hope all that answers your question...

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